This is the exercise that will help you stay in shape at any age, according to Harvard

We are increasingly aware of the multiple benefits of sport for our health, but we continue to ask ourselves what type of activity is the most appropriate. The Harvard Universityin one of his publications in the medical journal, points out that it could be the youoh chYo. This practice, which began in its origins as a martial art, was born in China millions of years ago.

According to Harvard, there is growing evidence that tai chi has great qualities in treating or preventing many health problems. The slow and smooth movements favor that everyone can practice it.

In addition, with tai chi you work both the muscular strengthas the flexibility and the Balance and, although, to a lesser extent, aerobic exercise is also done. A perfect combination to keep fit. In its report, Harvard assures that “tai chi could be the perfect activity for the rest of your life”. It can be practiced at any age And it’s never too late to start.

The benefits of tai chi

Begoña Bañó Péreza tai chi instructor at the Hotel Asia Gardens Hotel Thai & Spa, tells us that “tai chi chuan tries to achieve harmony between mind and body, using slow, smooth and fluid movements. When the mind and body are working together, united by correct breathing, the whole body is balanced and therefore healthy.

The expert assures that “all muscle groups are worked, Tai Chi Chuan considers the Body as a unit, there is no division, it does not work in parts, in each movement the whole body is involved, that is its main virtue. On the other hand, it is an excellent exercise for train attentionFocuses the mind on what the body is doing. When the mind is attentive, it is not distracted, it is serene and therefore healthy, stress has no place”.

According to the Harvard report, these are the main benefits of tai chi.

Increased muscle strength. With tai chi, all muscle strength is worked, both in the upper and lower parts of the body, and also the central muscles, that is, the abdomen. If practiced regularly it can be compared to strength training.

increase in flexibility. By practicing tai chi you will also be working on the flexibility of your upper and lower body.

Improve the Balance. Proprioception (the ability of our brain to know the exact position of all parts of our body) decreases with age, which favors falls. Tai chi helps to train it, so there are already studies that ensure that tai chi reduces fallsby improving the sense of balance.

aerobic work. Depending on the intensity and speed of the movements, tai chi also helps to do aerobic work, which is essential for keeping fit at any age.

How to start practicing tai chi

If you have never practiced tai chi and after knowing all its benefits, you decide to do so, Begoña Bañó Pérez advises “approaching these disciplines with curiosity, with patience and seriously. They contain a wisdom that must be discovered little by little. In addition, it can be practiced by people ofand all agesit adapts to the physical and mental condition of the practitioner”.

Although you can find a lot of videos to get started in this practice, it is best to go to classes to learn the basic movements. you just need comfortable clothes and patience, since the benefits take time to arrive. According to Harvard, “most medical research to assess the benefits of tai chi lasts at least 12 weekspracticing it once or twice a week”.

The tai chi instructor at the Hotel Asia Gardens Hotel Thai & Spa advises “practicing it every day, it is important to incorporate it as one more routine in our lives. Follow-up always ensures success.”

In addition, you have to know that there are various tai chi styles that usually receive the name of their creators: chen, yang, wu, sun, hao… Any of them, correctly practiced and being constant, will help you feel better.

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