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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

After launching his last song, Miley Cyruswas positioned among one of the most listened to artists at the time, after her love break with Liam Hemsworth, the latter would have deceived her.

Miley Cyrus She had a significant success in her last release, it is “Flowers”, she managed to become the favorite song of the users of the different internet platforms, the music is listened to worldwide, everything points to her dramatic separation with her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth.

Strong rumors circulated where it is said that in the house that the successful singer filmed the video clip for “Flowers” was the house where Liam cheated on her repeatedly, to be more precise, it is said that Miley Cyrus’s ex-partner was with 14 different women in that house while they were married.

But that rumor has not yet been verified, no source close to miley He was able to confirm whether or not this controversial rumor is true. What is certain is that her video clip breaks a record as it is one of the most listened to songs at the moment.

What if many followers ofand the singer It is that her ex-husband is to blame for such a separation and also, many affirm that it may be true that Liam Hemswort cheated on the successful singer in multiple ways.

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