This is the story of Doña Irma

Irma Venegas will receive exemestane 25 milligrams that Clinic 82 in Zamora, Michoacán of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) will provide you with on January 6, but it was not related to tracking Megapharmacy but in accordance with the agreement signed in November 2023 between the health sector and the National AC Shortage Union.

Clinic 82 contacted Ms. Venegas to provide her with a medication that breast cancer patients require, the same dose that the beneficiary requested over the phone from Megapharmacy, which they do not have for logistical reasons.

Lawyer Andrea Rocha speaks out UNIVERSALwho will give the medicine because they sent a complaint to polyclinic 82 at 1 am on January 5, in accordance with the agreement they signed on November 16, 2023 with the authorities Health sector.

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Rocha, who supports cancer patients, said: “I always have to mark when they should get their medicine at the clinic, so it was marked Huehuetoka.

Ms. Venegas called MegaPharmacy yesterday and requested the medicine dispensed on January 2 of this year by IMSS, the operator responded to the patient: “We will have to wait for the medicine to arrive so they can see where it will be delivered.” “.

Moreover, Mrs. Irma explained to the telephone operator: “I called in the afternoon, they told me to call in 6 hours to find out about the medicine, that they would track it.” He also indicated that he had the telephone number of the person who answered the call.

Megaapteka asked the recipient to call back again, “if she can call back later, if we have time, if she can call tomorrow and we have a delivery date for the medicine,” the telephone operator emphasized.

The agreement signed between representatives of the National AC Shortage Alliance and health authorities states that “medical, supply, and beneficiary service personnel will be personally assigned to a deconcentrated state, regional, or federal administrative agency.” (OAD) to convey the needs raised at the central meeting.

In addition to holding bi-weekly meetings to review requests, which are completed via Zoom, attorney Rocha confirmed.

Also present at the meeting were: Gabriela Paredes Orozco, Head of Assistance and Beneficiary Orientation; Dr. Javier Enrique López Aguilar, Oncology Care Coordinator, Dr. Ávila Alejandra Santos Carrillo and Andrea Rocha, Legal Representative of the National Union Against AC Shortage

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