This is the strangest Tesla in the world

It is one of the most radical transformations that were made on an electric car from the American firm of businessman Elon Musk. It was prepared to cross any type of terrain, but with a particular ride. In the note he discovers this rare invention.

It is not a Panzerwagen, the traditional German electric military armored car used for various combat tasks, nor is it an autobot or decepticon from the Transformer series. It is also not an exotic car from the Fast and Furious movie saga. On the contrary, it is one that does not emit polluting gases that was modified to be able to cross all types of terrain.

It is nothing more than a strange and daring modification to one of the most innovative cars currently in the electric market. The work was carried out by a group of engineers from Germany who were encouraged to alter the structure of what their peers thought of the brand created by the billionaire businessman Elon Musk.

The car in question is a Tesla, which was transformed into an SUV with wheels similar to those used by war tanks. That is to say, its traditional shot was replaced by two 1.3 ton track drive systems each custom-built for this electric unit from the American brand based in Austin, Texas.

East Tesla, in this way, it is prepared to circulate on which ground there is no problem. This means that rocky, snow-covered or very muddy paths can be traversed without any inconvenience.

This incredible transformation is the brainchild of German engineers who have the Youtube The Real Life Guys, who explained how this car was built. To acquire its current appearance, it took 12 massive shock absorbers to make the system truly off-road. It weighs six tons and rises 80cm above the ground.

So is this strange Tesla

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