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When entering the website, the first thing that appears is Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro dressed as Hitler, surrounded by cattle (an allusion to his constituents) and under the legend “Threat to Brazil”. According to the Brazilian press, the president’s family, possibly his son Carlos, the boss in his network strategies, forgot to pay to maintain the domain, which has been taken by surprise by someone not exactly a close friend of Bolsonaro.

The website, which since 2002 has functioned as a portal where the achievements of the then folkloric far-right deputy can be publicized, is now a platform to reinforce his wear and tear when the elections are just over a month away. The website defines itself as a “digital art gallery and journalistic archive” and is delighting Twitter and WhatsApp groups.

A satire on the new authoritarianism posted on the site features Russian President Vladimir Putin kissing the Brazilian President.
A satire on the new authoritarianism posted on the site features Russian President Vladimir Putin kissing the Brazilian

Aesthetically, its design is simple, but it is full of structured information on topics such as “Rise of neo-fascism”, “Widespread corruption”, “Corrosion of elections” or “Politics of death”. In each text, dozens of links that lead to news published in recent years for the voter to refresh their memory. There are also illustrations for all tastes: Bolsonaro licking Trump’s butt, breastfeeding the military, releasing blood from his mouth… In case any clarification is needed, the new owners of the website affirm that “it is not managed or owned by the Bolsonaro family. It also includes a countdown with the time remaining for Bolsonaro to leave the presidency if he loses the elections.

Another website that was once under the control of the Bolsonaro entourage,, has also been occupied by leftist activism, which now heads the new website asking itself: “Women with Bolsonaro?” This is followed by a compilation of eight of the most famous episodes in which the Brazilian leader showed off his misogyny: from the sadly famous “I don’t rape you because you don’t deserve it” to his attacks on female journalists. In addition, the page offers the possibility of joining WhatsApp and Telegram groups in which to receive material with which to bombard groups of family and friends with material from the newspaper library.

Another caricature of the site, satirizing Jair Bolsonaro's mishandling of the pandemic.
Another caricature of the site, satirizing Jair Bolsonaro’s mishandling of the

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The renewal of the owners of these websites (in principle it would not be a hack) is one of the most important goals in the campaign of the Brazilian left, which until now was going to slipstream of the digital strength of the right. However, the conquest could last a few hours. Bolsonaro’s campaign team will turn to the Electoral Justice to bring down the websites, it is very likely that this will happen, since the court agreed to do so in a similar case that occurred with fellow candidate Ciro Gomes.

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