Tips for talking about cancer with children

Communication is essential when it comes to letting a child understand that a family member has a chronic illness such as cancer.

The cancer It can affect anyone, regardless of age, sex or race, it is a disease that is unprecedented and can attack any individual. Some people close to a patient who has been diagnosed with the malignancy may spend moments or occasions of melancholy and sadness due to the side effects that may appear during the pathology.

The kids They are individuals who do not have full knowledge of the seriousness that the development of a cancer and the possible complications that can occur in a family member, which is why communication and talking about this pathology is essential, especially to help the patient who lives with young people, according to the Cancer.Net page, these are some tips:

language type

It is essential to know how to express yourself in front of the little ones and use a type of language that is comfortable and, above all, understandable and as little worrying as possible, such as:

  • use the term cancer It is essential to avoid confusion and above all go to the meaning of the disease.
  • Use language that is associated with the child’s age and whether more or less explanation is required.

What should be discussed?

  • Make the child understand that they are not to blame or that they are not the cause of the development of the cancer of his relative.
  • It is important to make them understand that this disease is not a pathogen and therefore there is no type of transmission.
  • Make him understand that he may feel various feelings and that the person suffering from the disease may have the same feelings.
  • Honesty is relevant to the little one’s questions.
  • Perhaps the relative does not want to reveal information to the child, it is essential to discuss what is necessary or what the patient wants.

It is valuable to take into account those tips that are directed at the function and of course the accompaniment of the various members of the family of the patient who suffers from cancerbecause in this way they can be support in the treatment and recovery of the condition.

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