To look like Kim Kardashian, she undergoes 15 operations and spends a fortune

A South Korean has spent more than 60,000 euros on cosmetic surgery to look like her idol, Kim Kardashian.

Some women will do anything for it.appearance hanger. Cherri Lee, a young South Korean woman, grew up watching Kim Kardashian and always dreamed of looking like him. ” Kim has always been an inspiration to me and she is the most beautiful woman in the world to me. “Cherri Lee recently told the South West News Service. His first operation? She was then 20 years old and had her eyelids redone to widen your gaze. Now 28 years old, she then went back to the hut plastic surgery at many times. She has had three Brazilian butt lifts, two breast augmentations and several face reconstructions. The young woman is today unrecognizable.

His appearance has so evolved that many people don’t realize that she is Asian. Even some of her relatives find it difficult to recognize her. “ In fact, I look like a completely different person. “, she said. Before adding: I look like a western. Some members of my Korean family don’t reven know more. The beautiful brunette explained that she received financial assistance from her parents for her operations. Although Cherri is done with the surgery for now, she doesn’t “ not regret a single procedure “.

Some members of my family no longer recognize me »

It’s after a hard break in the early 2010s that she decided to change her appearance. She has become “ addicted to surgeries. The luscious brunette now feels much better about herself. ” I didn’t like how I looked before, but I’m really happy now “, she said. Her ex would have reconnected with her since her transformation and would like to rekindle their relationship. A great victory for those who now wish to enjoy life. ” I’m too good for him now. In addition, the men who approach me are more and more numerous“, she said. It front of reviewsCherri Lee has a very clear answer to offer in return: Everyone should have the right to change your body. Do what you want, as long as you don’t hurt anyone. “, she said.

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