Today’s horoscope, May 16, 2022, of all zodiac signs

In it today’s horoscopeMonday May 16, you start the work week in a very good mood. You achieve this thanks to the positive network of vibrations that creates the synchronization between the moon from sagittarius Y Venus and Jupiter passing through Aries.


The Universe gives you a start to the work week with joy and tranquility because you feel that these days you can meet your expectations.

Such a feeling is due to the synchrony between Jupiter and Venus in your sign and the Moon in Sagittarius, since together they are in charge of mobilizing your internal and personal power so that you continue to trust the decisions you make.

They do the same so that you have even more certainty that you will continue to take the right steps. Keep this in mind because it predisposes you to be adequately prepared to accept the new job opportunities that are about to come to you.

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You start the week with a lot of vital force and willing to maintain the internal balance, patience and perseverance that you have achieved for the remainder of the week. Particularly, to continue coming out of difficulties very gracefully.

This good state makes you feel the energy network that today forms Jupiter, Venus and the Moon in signs of fire and motivates you to continue building a firm material base in your life.

In this order of ideas, the cosmos will put the right people to advise and support you to have clarity in your decisions and the willpower to carry them out.

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Today the Moon, Venus and Jupiter decide to give you a strong stimulus of vitality and certainty to start a good week with an excellent mood and your best smile.

This stellar synchrony makes you see all the positive things you have achieved since the beginning of the year and increases your confidence in opening up new horizons and interests.

In this order of ideas, you feel able to make commitments with others without compromising your needs and reaffirming the physical, mental and emotional balance that you recently obtained and that is essential to continue with your internal harmony.

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You start the week with the Universe in your favor due to the intertwining of energies that forms between the Moon, Venus and Jupiter. With this expansive wave of good planetary vibrations, you will feel very optimistic and proud about what you have achieved so far. At the same time, you will perceive yourself prepared to develop and specialize in other work areas.

On the other hand, the situations experienced will give you caution and prudence to handle yourself better in your profession, but above all they will give you security regarding where you are going, being the best time to do the ritual to get the job of your dreams.

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Today the Moon, Venus and Jupiter are associated so that you can start the work week with an excellent mood and optimism. This network of astral energies that you will appreciate very strongly because they are stars very close to the earth will make you see and appreciate all the acuity and good will that you have had to remedy your problems during the month.

But, at the same time, it will give you persistence and harmony to plan the rest of the week. With this integration of your qualities and becoming aware of your abilities, you will have the ability to build a better economic future.

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You are a sign that when you decide to close a cycle you do not think twice and do it impulsively. Today this increases due to the astral current that forms between the Moon, Venus and Jupiter that influences you to start the working week very well. Also so that you are more sure of the reality that you want to build without being affected so much by external situations.

As you will feel so centered and aligned, all those issues that have been making you tense will stop worrying you. In any case, I suggest you practice the effect that rosemary baths have on the chakras.

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Today the Universe gives you a very particular and special energy so that you spend this Monday full of satisfaction; particularly after you have optimized your usual routines. It does this through an energetic current formed by the Moon and the planets Venus and Jupiter.

Its great influence will transfer security to you for what you did and abundance of vitality, as well as confidence for what you will do; therefore, you will decide without mistakes on this day. On the other hand, according to your horoscope, you will continue to make steady progress in your goals and thus you will be able to lay the foundations for a strong immediate future.

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Today the Moon passes through the Sagittarius sign and has a friendly encounter with Venus and Jupiter activating Aries to favor you in the organization that you make of your finances.

If you let yourself be carried away by this vibration, you will notice everything you have achieved economically and you will start the week with a very favorable and optimistic energy level.

On the other hand, the aforementioned combination gives you enough cunning to continue standing out with your mental agility as a good negotiator. Additionally, it will give you speculative mental breadth to make investments online faster.

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Today the Moon begins to transit your sign and intertwines its energy with that of Venus and Jupiter so that you start the work week. You will do this by focusing on yourself and with all your personal reactions expanded and accelerated.

This influence on your horoscope will also make you see that these days you have raised your curiosity, your self-confidence and also that you have improved the presentation of your ideas.

It is this, in turn, that you will apply to project the rest of the month; especially, taking care of your physique and external image and in achieving your personal goals, taking care to better expand your spirit.

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You start the week with your physical, mental and emotional centers very aligned. This is due to the perfect combination of energies that the Moon, Venus and Jupiter make that you will feel in an internal harmony and be sure that the rest of the days you will be able to continue calm and attentive. In addition, you will be flexible and willing to face any difficulty or stressful situation that arises.

On the other hand, you will be emotionally open to letting your feelings flow and acknowledging your attachments. In this way, you will be willing to take very important definitions and conceive more harmonious moments.

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Today the Moon from Sagittarius synchronizes favorably with Venus and the Moon. As the three stars are the closest to you, their influence will accelerate your mental, sentimental and emotional processes, so that you feel able to close this week in an optimistic way.

On the other hand, through the aforementioned stars you will realize that you are completely aligned with your internal world because you think, do and say the same without claiming. This will generate from good physical and mental health to a special harmony, giving brightness and very light colors to your aura.

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You start the week feeling empowered, dominant and with a very high energy for all the changes you are making. This is because the cosmos will order several stars that are closest to the earth and that are in charge of aligning your physical, mental and emotional body.

In particular, by providing you with an inner happiness that will not be simply established in the material world. It is now the moment when you understand that your internal world is so strong and that it is so full of good intentions that you have to lean more on it than on the external one.

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