Tom Holland conquered Zendaya on top of this car

One of the cutest couples in Hollywood is undoubtedly Tom Holland and Zendaya. However, all this started as just a rumor, a rumor that was confirmed above the car of the young Englishman, who finally managed to win her over. Slide and find out more!

The career of both actors has not stopped growing in recent times. Tom Holland He has participated in different films such as The devil at all hours (2020) and UnchartedY zendaya has worked in movies like Dune (2021) and malcolm and marie (2021), and even in the HBO series in which he stars, Euphoria. But both joined in the saga of spider-man of Marvel Cinematic Universewhich launched 3 successful installments.

In these productions, the artists are fictional couples, but currently they are also couples in real life. Since the appearance that both had in a Lip Sync Battle, where the chemistry between them was undisputed, the rumors about this couple did not stop growing. The same thing happened in the interviews they conducted together, where the connection was inevitable.

But all these gossips were finally confirmed when some paparazzi captured the young people kissing on top of a luxurious car. We know that both are positioned as part of the most successful celebrities of the moment, so clearly this car in question was going to live up to them. And it is about, neither more nor less, than a Audi A8.

It is estimated that the car in question belongs to the Englishman, and is valued at a sum of 294 thousand dollars. Regarding its performance, it is equipped with a 4.0L V8 engine which allows you to develop a power of 460 horsepower. In addition, this sedan marks a time of just 4.4 seconds to reach acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h and runs up to a top speed of 250 km/h.

Currently, Zendaya and Tom Holland are publicly shown on all sides of the hand or showing signs of affection, so clearly their relationship is no longer a mystery. But, anyway, we will all remember how this couple started, which used to be just a rumor created by fans of the famous Spider-Man saga.

Zendaya and Tom Holland in the Audi A8 captured by the paparazzi.

The Audi A8 has a value of 294 thousand dollars.

Tom Holland and Zendaya confirmed their romance above this Audi.

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