Tom Holland traveled by commercial plane to visit Zendaya on the recording set

It has been more than a year since the spider-man stars were first seen kissing in July 2021, and this isn’t the first time Holland has booked a long flight as a romantic gesture. In February, the actor allegedly flew to Rome to “surprise” the star of euphoria with a dinner in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome, according to Page Six. And yes, Holland was filmed getting into an aluminum sphere with the rest of the population for that trip too. We love masks!

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Interest in celebrity air travel has skyrocketed (pun definitely intended) since Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott they faced backlash for their matching private jets and for apparently taking a 17-minute flight. After the drama, the digital marketing agency Yard published a list of the 10 celebrities that, according to them, are the ones that broadcast the mostCO2 generate with their private jets, and fans of Taylor Swift they were disappointed to see the singer in the number one spot.

According to Yard, Swift’s plane has flown 170 times this year, between January 1 and July 19, with an average flight time of 80 minutes. The agency also claims that the flights accumulated a total of 8,293.54 tons of CO2 emissions. For context, that’s “1,184.8 times more than the total annual emissions of the average person.”

A representative for Swift responded to the report on July 30: “Taylor’s plane is regularly loaned out to other people,” she said in a statement to Today. “Attributing most or all of these trips to him is blatantly incorrect.”

It’s unclear who borrowed Swift’s jet, but we can probably rule out Tom Holland.

Article originally published in Glamor US, glamour.com, adapted by Paola Juárez.

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