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On Raiuno the new edition of the talent The voice senior with Antonella Clerici. On Italia 1 the news with Le Iene.

Tonight on TV on Friday 26 November 2021. Up Raitre the documentary Afghanistan: 20 years later. On Tv8 instead the fiction Petra with Paola Cortellesi.

Tonight on TV Friday 26 November 2021, Rai

On Raiuno, at 21.25, the talent The voice senior. The talent led by Antonella Clerici dedicated to over 60 singers. Eight episodes are planned, 3 more than the last edition, 6 dedicated to Blind Auditions, then a semifinal and the final on January 21st. In addition to the confirmed coaches Loredana Bertè, Gigi D’Alessio And Clementine, he arrives Orietta Berti.

On Raitreinstead, at 9.20 pm, the documentary Afghanistan: 20 years later. The first of two evenings dedicated to the country’s drama is aired and in particular to the period between 2001 (when after the attack on the Twin Towers the United States led a coalition to conquer Kabul) and 2021 which saw in April the inglorious withdrawal of Westerners and the return to power of the Taliban.

On Rai 5, at 9.15 pm, Art Night. The documentary traces the career of the great Serbian artist, naturalized from the United States, Marina Abramovic, the undisputed queen of performance art and research into the relationship between the artist and the public.

Mediaset, La7, Tv8 programs

On Network 4, at 21.20, the news with Fourth Degree. At the heart of the program Gianluigi Nuzzi cases that excite public opinion. For reports to the editorial staff, call 02.30909010. Among the sent of the program there is Alessandra Borgia: of Apulian origin, landed in Mediaset in 1998, and has been married since 2003 to Remo Croci, journalist of the Tg5.

On Channel 5, instead, at 21.20, the reality show Big Brother Vip. Tensions do not seem to diminish in recent days, despite the peace, sanctioned by an embrace, between Alex Belli And Aldo Montano protagonists of a violent dispute a few weeks ago. At the helm we find again Alfonso Signorini with the commentators Adriana Volpe And Sonia Bruganelli.

On Italy 1, at 9.15 pm, the news with Hyenas. The ratings of the second episode of the week of the investigation program do not take off Davide Parenti. It is followed on average by one million viewers for a share of around 5.80%. Tonight the conduction is entrusted to the male trio: Julius Goliath, Filippo Roma And Matteo Viviani.

On La7, on the other hand, at 9.15 pm, the news with Live propaganda. Tonight too Diego Bianchi it tells us about an Italy that oscillates between worry and anger in the face of a virus that continues to affect us. However, he does so with his well-known sympathy and lightness, aided by the faithful Makkox.

On Tv8, at 9.30 pm, the fiction Petra, with Paola Cortellesi. Title of tonight’s episode: “Dead of paper“. Petra must shed light on the death of a television journalist involved in sex scandals. To solve the case, he will have to sift through that strange world of public and private wealth and vices.

Nove, Real Time, Sky Cinema Uno

On Nine, at 21.25, the variety Brothers of Crozza. What political and social current events of the week inspired Maurizio Crozza? The President of the Republic will certainly not be missing Sergio Mattarella. The talk continues to collect good ratings: almost 1,200,000 viewers with a 5% share.

On Real Time, instead, at 21.25, the talent Bake Off Italy: sweets in the oven – “W Italy!“. In this episode, Italy and its most famous desserts are celebrated with a trip to Portofino. But Ernst Knam, Clelia d’Onofrio And Damiano Carrara they are not on vacation and are ready to decree a new elimination.

On Sky Cinema One, at 9.15 pm, the fiction Gomorrah 5 – Final season with Ivana Lotito. The actress has been in the cast of Gomorrah since 2016 and plays Azzurra, Genny’s wife.

The films tonight on Friday 26 November 2021

On Rai Movie, at 21.10, the comedy film of 2015, by Paul Feig, Spy, with Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, Jason Statham. Susan Cooper is a CIA agent relegated behind a desk. Brilliant and intelligent, he will find the courage to take the field to avenge the death of a colleague.

On 20 Mediaset, at 9.00 pm, the 2002 action film, by John Singleton, 2 Fast 2 Furious, with Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson. You love me. Former policeman Brian O’Connor engages in illegal car racing. The FBI offers him god to infiltrate the organization of the boss Carter Verone to be able to frame him.

On Iris, on the other hand, at 9.00 pm, the 1974 western film, by and with Clint Eastwood, The stranger without a name. A gunslinger arrives in a western mining town where he is hired to protect the population from local thugs. But his methods are ruthless.

Tonight on tv friday 26 november 2021 timeline

Tonight on TV on Friday 26 November 2021, the films on Sky

On Sky Cinema Action, at 21.00, the fantastic film of 2003, by Richard Donner, Timeline, with Paul Walker, Frances O’Connor. Due to a time machine breakdown, students Chris, Kate, Andrè, Josh and Francois are trapped in 1357 France with their archeology professor.

On Sky Cinema Suspensefinally, at 9.00 pm, the 2000 thriller film, by Rod Lurie, The contender, with Joan Allen, Gary Oldman. Upon the death of the Vice President of the United States, Senator Laine Hanson is chosen by the President to replace him. But soon he will have to face the machismo of his colleagues.

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