Top 10 M4A4 Skins in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2)

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) has seen a huge graphical improvement over its predecessor, with Valve introducing the Source 2 engine in September 2023. The game’s skins have also seen a significant improvement in visual quality. One of the most beloved weapons, the M4A4 assault rifle, is used by the counter-terrorism (CT) side and has attracted a lot of attention for its improved visuals.

This article will present the 10 best skins for the M4A4 in CS2 that you can use to decorate your rifle.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author.

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Top 10 M4A4 Skins You Should Use in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2)

1) Neo-Noir

Neo-Noir M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)Neo-Noir M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)
Neo-Noir M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)

Added to the Steam Community Workshop in October 2017, the fan-favorite skin arrived in CS:GO (now CS2) in February 2018. The one that appeared with the Clutch collection was part of the Welcome to Clutch update in CS:GO. . Neo-Noir offers a Cyberpunk-inspired design with striking pink and white colors, along with a unique design.

In addition to the M4A4, the Neo-Noir is also available for many skins in the game, including AWP and USP. The M4A4 Neo-Noir is a must-have if you are looking to give your rifle a stylish design.

2) Desolate Space

Desolate Space M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)Desolate Space M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)
Desolate Space M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)

Released on June 15, 2016, M4A4’s Desolate Space is one of the oldest skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Offering unique abstract art, it was released as part of The Gamma Collection in-game. The Gamma Exposure update in Global Offensive also offered several skins, but the Desolate Space M4A4 stood out above them all.

The design of the skeleton surrounded by cosmic energy is an art loved by many within the community. The Desolate Space should be your first choice if you want a space-themed skin to decorate your rifle.

3) Evil Daimyo

Evil Daimyo M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)Evil Daimyo M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)
Evil Daimyo M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)

The Evil Daimyo was added to CS:GO in May 2015. It arrived with the Falchion Collection alongside Operation Bloodhound, a season beloved by veteran Counter-Strike players.

Being one of the most simplistic skins on the list, Evil Daimyo easily replaces a cosmetic that is quite inexpensive but stylish looking. Thanks to its minimalist red and black design, you will find it an interesting item to have in your Steam inventory.

Most community members also prefer the StatTrak option over the regular version as the visual has an added advantage that you can look for.

4) Cybersecurity

Cyber ​​Security M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)Cyber ​​Security M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)
Cyber ​​Security M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)

Cyber ​​​​​​Security is one of the most recent skins added to Counter-Strike with Operation Broken Fang Collection. The update was released in December 2020 and offers a wide range of cosmetics to fans, such as the beloved Broken Fang Pass. This M4A4 skin shares exceptional features that set it apart from others, such as the bright geometric pattern and smart design components combined with Chinese text.

Cyber ​​​​Security’s pattern index does not affect the skin, which means that you can probably also get a version of the skin you want on the market for a considerably cheaper price.

5) Emperor

Emperor M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)Emperor M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)
Emperor M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)

Added to the game with the famous Prism Collection, the Emperor stands as one of the most used skins in Counter-Strike history. This M4A4 skin is loved by both professionals and high-ranking players of the game. In CS2, the Emperor received a visual upgrade along with the engine that made the cosmetic adorn many more.

The Emperor is a must-have in your inventory if you are a skin collector or just looking to keep your arsenal looking beautiful.

6) Asiimov

Asiimov M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)Asiimov M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)
Asiimov M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)

One of the first skins to appear in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive history, Asiimov’s set was a sight to behold. It was released alongside the Winter Offensive update in December 2013, just after a year of Global Offensive. Fans quickly jumped on the bandwagon to fill their inventory with this sci-fi look, and many still use it to this day.

The Asiimov series features many other weapons in addition to the M4A4 if you are looking to complete your set. Some of the common weapons also include the AWP and the AK 47.

7) |龍王 Dragon King

|龍王 Dragon King M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)|龍王 Dragon King M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)
|龍王 Dragon King M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)

The M4A4 |龍王 Dragon King is one of the most expensive but most beautiful looking skins on the list that was added to CS:GO with the Full Spectrum update. Valve released the skin in January 2015, as part of the Chroma Collection. The Dragon King shares an elegant design with a mix of white, blue and dark purple covering the art of a red Chinese dragon.

The M4A4 skin is still a rare piece on the community market, considering you can get a Minimal Wear or Factory New version. The skin itself looks the same regardless of the pattern index.

8) Kill buzz

Buzz Kill M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)Buzz Kill M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)
Buzz Kill M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)

The M4A4 Buzz Kill was added to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in November 2016. The skin appeared with the Glove Collection, which also introduced newer cosmetics to the game. The Brothers in Arms update was also loved by many due to its wide range of cosmetic sets. The M4A4 Buzz Kill is the perfect look if you’re looking for dominant color and artistic geometric patterns.

You can still find a decent amount of Buzz Kill M4A4s on the community market, offering a fair price to put them in your inventory in CS2.

9) Hellfire

Hellfire M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)Hellfire M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)
Hellfire M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)

The Hellfire M4A4 was added to Counter-Strike with the Hydra Collection with Operation Hydra in May 2017. The skin design shares a street art style mixed with black, red, and brown paints coated on the body. It also features a little devil graffiti on its receiver which gives the skin an evil look.

Hellfire can be a good addition to your inventory in CS2 considering its popularity and design. You can also opt for the StatTrak option if you wish.

10) Poseidon

Poseidon M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)Poseidon M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)
Poseidon M4A4 in CS2 (Image via Valve)

The Posiedon was added to CS:GO in May 2015. The skin was part of the Gods and Monsters collection that also gave fans other popular skins like AWP Medusa and M4A1-S Icarus Fell. In Counter-Strike 2, Poseidon has also maintained the same popularity among fans, featuring an improved visual and art style, thanks to the Source 2 engine and its all-new lighting effects.

The Poseidon M4A4 is easily one of the most expensive skins on the market. It can be a good trade-off for your new Counter-Strike 2 inventory, as it is also appreciated by both professionals and regular players.

With the release of Counter-Strike 2, Valve will likely add more cosmetics to the title soon. Until then, you can enjoy the M4A4 skins mentioned above and try out different styles to suit your style.

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