Top 10 NFTs with the highest volume of the week


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have enjoyed increasing popularity recently and many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are using some of their digital assets to purchase them. NFTs are digital assets used for artistic purposes or in video games, which can be purchased through cryptocurrencies. Here are the top 10 NFTs in terms of volume from last week according to data from

  • Axie Infinity tops the chart with a volume of $ 144.18 million last week.
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club was trading with a volume of $ 34.81 million.
  • Crypto Punks made a volume of $ 33.49 million.
  • Loot generated a volume of $ 31.47 million.
  • The Sevens achieved a volume of $ 31.23 million.
  • Inertial Moment reported a volume of $ 29.67 million.
  • PUNKS Comic reached a volume of $ 21.39 million.
  • Art Blocks reached a volume of $ 21.33 million.
  • The n Project was trading with a volume of $ 21.26 million.
  • The tenth place goes to CrypToadz by GREMPLI, with a volume of 20.7 million dollars.

Photo courtesy of Axie Infinity


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