Torres (PP) will claim Medicine for León, will demand investment from the Government and put a “zero” to the management of Diez


The Popular Party candidate for Mayor of León, the historian Margarita Torres, has assured that she is going to “demand” for León the installation of a Faculty of Medicine, at the same time that she has assured that once she has taken office “as mayor “He will seek to meet with the President of the Government to seek investment in León because the management of the current municipal councilor, the socialist José Antonio Diez, has been “zero” during the last four years.

Torres explained in an interview with Europa Press that León “has to have a Faculty of Medicine” for “a thousand reasons” and recalled how a few years ago, through an initiative of the Catholic University of Murcia, there was an attempt to install , in a model of private education, the studies of Medicine, Psychology and Pharmacy but “that train was lost”.

However, “and from the perspective of the public”, the PP candidate for Mayor of León has assured that, if elected, she will “vindicate” this project for the city because she is “convinced” of its need, “especially after these years of pandemic”, and with the endorsement of the Leonese University Hospital, the School of Nursing of the University of León or the health personnel who “are not first class, but galactic”.

On another of the recent projects for León that the city has not been able to achieve, such as becoming the headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency, Margarita Torres has commented that it was something “complicated” based on the bases of the call that “did not make them neither the Junta de Castilla y León nor the City Council”, but rather “the Government of Spain”. “The one who offered that is called Pedro Sánchez. The one who has removed León from that is Pedro Sánchez. The one who has decided that it would go to Seville is Pedro Sánchez”, she has affirmed.

For this reason, it has been asked “how many times” the mayor of León, José Antonio Diez, has met with the president of the Government. “An accommodation could have been found for León, but the first negotiation should have been with the Government of Spain,” lamented Torres, who, however, has assured that if she became the mayoress of the city, one of her first initiatives will go through requesting an interview with the president of the nation.


“I am going to request an appointment with the President of the Government for all the people of Leon,” assured the popular candidate, who has also advanced that her intention is to hold meetings with all the ministers of the central Executive. “I am going to try and, when there is a change of government, I am going to demand from my own party colleagues that León be a province where the ministers come to bring investments. Now other provinces are the ones that benefit and León has not received anything “, he criticized.

In this sense, Margarita Torres has made Diez’s management ugly in these four years in office, whose balance “is zero.” “It has not been managed well with the people of Leon in mind,” he pointed out, while regretting that the “misunderstood victimhood” of the current councilor who “has gotten up from negotiating tables” and has “seeked anger” with the Government of Spain, despite “having the same color”, and with the Junta de Castilla y León.


“If I’m proud of my city, I can’t speak ill of it. A mayor can’t complain about his city, he has to sell his city,” Torres clarified, who has been in favor of “dialogue” and “practical and of management”, which forces us to “go down to the arena” and “listen to the people of Leon”. Thus, he has remarked that during the campaign he will never “use” the “and you more”, since he believes that, after the consequences of the pandemic, other economic ones are now arriving due to the global context, which requires “a change” when developing policies.

“Citizens don’t give a damn about our problems. They want us to be here to solve their problems. The real problems and the reality that I feel is that there are many families that are having a terrifyingly bad time,” said Margarita Torres, who has committed to “listen with humility” because “society has lost references at all levels” and “new leadership models for the times we live in” must be achieved.


According to the first surveys published on the upcoming municipal elections on May 28 in León, Margarita Torres considers that these are “orientations”, although “nothing more than that”, because the true survey will be the electoral appointment itself and its results. . However, faced with the possibility of seeking support to be able to govern the city, the PP candidate has explained that she will be governed by the “democratic game”, but her first meeting will be “with José Antonio Diez as leader of the opposition”.

For this reason, she has affirmed that she will feel “comfortable” with “what the people of Leon say.” “If the people of Leon say that the majority is that A and D add up, I will not put red lines”, she has warned. Thus, she recalled that there are political parties that “negotiate with parties that have among their guidelines to break this wonderful country called Spain.” “In the democratic game it is normal to dialogue with everyone and contribute. Democracy is not one color for some and another color for others; it is the same color for everyone”, she has sentenced.

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