Toyota Tacoma 2024 was seen in its final design. Preview of the future Hilux?

Industrial registration photos revealed the exterior design of the new Toyota Tacoma, and its strong resemblance to Tundra.

toyota tacoma will launch a new generation soon, counting on the fact that in the market Sold as a 2024 model. Some spy photos and renders They had given us an idea about its design, but now, registration photos clear up the doubts and indeed. It will be as thought.

The influences of Toyota Tundra (the largest pick-up of the family in North America), are evident and compared to the current model we can say that, looks evolutionary. Too, the aesthetic coincidences are notable with a concept car electric van that the brand presented in 2021.

The foreseeable future that would await Tacoma and other Toyota models throughout America. However, full electrification would not come immediately, but will transition with a hybrid powertrain. The next Hilux will be one of the related models.

2024 Toyota Tacoma

2024 Toyota Tacoma

The benchmark for the new Hilux: Toyota Tacoma 2024

Toyota Tacoma is the medium truck that the Japanese manufacturer sells in North America, while for Latin America, it is the Toyota Hilux. both vehicles they will have new generationsand therefore, several elements in common.

While the Tacoma will be revealed in just a few months, the Hilux is expected for a new business cycle appear in 2025. They will adopt a version of the TNGA modular platform, called TNGA-F, that will allow them to adopt electrified powertrains.

Regarding its design, and speaking especially of the pick-up for the North American markets, it presents a squarer front with hexagonal grill and mesh framework. The headlights on each side have an indefinable shape, but will have LED technology.

The front bumper gains space in the front of the vehicle, built-in horizontal air inlets and fog lights in the same position. The wheel arches are also boxy and from the rear view, a minimalist look is revealedin this case, with vertical lights.

2024 Toyota Tacoma

The options in terms of mechanics, as we said, includes a hybrid propulsion system and the adaptation of a 2.4 liter turbocharged engine and four cylinders, capable of delivering 265 hp of power and 420 Nm of torque.

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