Transfers: Banco Nación made a drastic decision after an error in its app

The National Bank reported today that interrupted temporarily the operations of transfer of funds from the BNA+ application towards the accounts identified with the Uniform Virtual Key (CVU) after a detected error that would have allowed money to be transferred without deducting the amounts from the original account. At 6:35 p.m. it was announced that the service had returned to normal.

As reported by the entity in a statement last noon, specialized personnel were working to quickly restore transfers to CVU, while the rest of the operations could be carried out normally, whether from BNA+, home banking, ATMs, branches or the rest of the channels.

The problem would have arisen because in the last hours Someone discovered that, if a transfer was made to a CVU from the app and “Expropriation” was entered as the reason, the amount was credited to the destination account, but the origin account was not debited.

This data was shared by a twitter account call Bug BNA and immediately led certain users of the social network and the bank to make the attempt.

National Bank Sources they did not confirm this fault, but said that there were “operational difficulties” what they were trying to solve. “Later we will make an evaluation of what happened, but now all the cannons point to trying to resolve the operational technical issue,” they said.

At 6:35 p.m., meanwhile, they reported that the transfer operations of the BNA+ application to the CVU accounts were normalized and clarified that “there was no type of economic impact on third parties, whether companies or individuals.”

“It was detected that the origin of the inconvenience was generated in the synchronization of the messaging generated by the Red Link and the bank’s central systems. Banco Nación initiated an investigation to determine the causes and will act in accordance with the law”, they closed.

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