TrashTalk Award – S04 E15: Luka Doncic imitates Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Calma”, we know each other among former Real Madrid

The NBA is never the last to bring its share of verbal protrusions of all kinds between its various protagonists. And inevitably, count on us to identify them as often as possible, because without being too first degree, we are fond of these muscular duels. So, who do you think is the biggest mouth of the moment?

The previous edition of the TrashTalk Award was won by Wolves now on vacation, but at least winner of this trophy.

Candidate #1: Ja Morant and Dillon Brooks’ dance to the Wolves logo

The Grizzlies and the Wolves have not stopped looking for each other during these rather nice series, each multiplying provocations of all kinds to try to get the opponent off the hook. However, it was indeed Ja Morant’s troupe who got the last word against valiant Wolves who only gave up their arms at Game 6. Knowing that this qualification took place in Minneapolis, the MIP 2022, accompanied of its site manager Dillon Brooks celebrated in their own way their passage in the semi-finals of the conference.

Ja Morant and Dillon Brooks dance to the Wolves logo.

This style of dance is frequently performed by Ja Morant and his minions when they win, or during a big action. Except that after a victory for Minnesota, Patrick Beverley had mocked his opponents by returning to the locker room in this way, insinuating that the series was far from over and that this made him happy. Except that Ja is the vindictive type and remembered that the choice of location, namely the middle of the opposing floor, was deliberately chosen. And for once, Dillon Brooks has even found the target, he who is currently 9/44 in the series against the Warriors. The face of Gary Payton, second in name, is unfortunately the only thing the Canadian back has correctly aimed for so far.

Candidate # 2: the look of Gary Payton II after climbing Desmond Bane

The worst thing is that before being butchered like a mess, Gary Payton II was making good series in his register. Promoted to the major five for padlocking Ja Morant. GPII brilliantly brought all his defense, until this unfortunate action where the son will remain on the ground, holding his elbow, after this contact with the number 24 of Memphis. The verdict is final: three weeks of absence at least, and a very compromised return for the rest of the Playoffs. The only one who could possibly be “relieved” is Desmond Bane. And you will quickly understand why.

The son of our Twitter avatar is not afraid, at the same time he has something to hold on to. As he was about to go up to the dunk, Desmond Bane didn’t hear it that way but was unfortunately too short to counter the left-handed fullback who crushed the ball on his nose and gave him the famous signature look of the family. Why speak when actions and silence speak so much more? This is the question answered by Gary Payton II.

Candidate # 3: the “Calma” way Cristiano Ronaldo of Luka Doncic

A former Real Madrid player who imitates a former Real Madrid player. The Casa Blanca connection was used to great effect by Luka Doncic against the Suns in Game 2. Knowing he was targeted by the Phoenix defense and public as Dallas’ No. not for all that his vista, his level of play, nor his sense of trashtalking. After scoring a 3-point basket, he was inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo to address the crowd at the Footprint Center.

Before his famous inverted jump and his shrill “SUUUUU”, Cristiano Ronaldo was used to celebrating his away goals with a “Calma!” » and a wave of the hand, in order to remind the spectators that he had installed the air conditioning in their stadium. Luka Doncic has therefore decided to follow in the footsteps of CR7 after a 3-point basket. We don’t know if this celebration of Magic Luka is really inspired by CR7, but the wink is in any case anything but trivial for the two players who will surely end up in the pantheon of their respective sport, and of Real Madrid.

Candidate #4: Draymond Green’s swagger and majors

We never love (or hate) Draymond Green more than when he does Draymond Green. Never the last to bark and play rough, he was guilty of the series’ first bad move before Dillon Brooks on GPII. Indeed, seeing Brandon Clarke go up to the dunk, Green did not hear it that way, making a big mistake on the inside of the Grizzlies. But seeing that this would not be enough, he hung the Canadian’s jersey in the air, causing the latter to fall on his stomach with a great fright. And even if more fear than harm in the end, Draymond Green does not finish the match and is sent back to the locker room.

The Warriors cornerstone heads back to the locker room asking Grizzlies fans to make as much noise as he steps off the field. He seemed to find his sanction unfair, and moreover this thought was confirmed on his Instagram story with laughing emojis after the quote from Brandon Clarke.

“He has always been known for his flagrant fouls in his career. I watched them on TV. I’m not shocked that he did that. »

It would be very bad to know the animal to think that it would stop there. Not suspended further by the league, number 23 was back at the FedExForum from the next match, and even had to go back to the locker room at the start of the match. Seeing the joy of the Grizzlies fans, he didn’t hesitate to do a Kyrie Irving and send his middle fingers through the air, which this time will cost him $25,000.

Hellish, simply hellish.

Candidate #5: Jimmy Butler ENDS Tobias Harris

Before making the heyday of the Heat, Jimmy Butler tried to channel young Sixers Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. Buckets, in addition to having a stratospheric flow with the jersey of Philadelphia, seemed to succeed in printing his defensive and surly paw in the workforce. But it was without counting on a Kawhi Leonard who then decided to offer us one of the most clutch actions in the history of the NBA (or even of sport in general?). During the offseason, Butler, disappointed with this setback in the conference semi-finals, decided to request a sign and trade towards Miami. Today, he got the scalp of his former franchise as the Heat emerge victorious in six games. And obviously, he had a special message for Tobias Harris.

Jimmy Butler after eliminating Philly: “Tobias Harris in my place? »

Ah yeah, in the free genre, we can say that the lookalike of J.Cole did not have to pay a penny to receive this lost ball. Butler was probably still resentful that the Sixers preferred Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris to him back then anyway. The latter touching this season the tidy sum of 36 million is… the same amount as Jimmy Butler, for not the same return, you will have noticed it. 17-6-3 for the first, 21-6-5 for the second. And the deficit is still widening in the Playoffs with 17-8-3 and 29-8-4 on both sides. So actually, Jimmy Butler’s question makes sense, don’t you think?

Bonus candidate: James Harden’s Instagram tag from Victor Oladipo

Decidedly, this period is not very good for James Harden, who took a rocket by Victor Oladipo. Long on the sidelines, the back of the Heat is back in Olympic form. The former Magic, Thunder and Pacers, determined to put away his physical troubles, give everything for Miami today and brilliantly regained the rotation of Erik Spoelstra. Confidence also seems to be returning for Oladipo, who even indulges in a little subtlety with regard to James Harden.

At the time, the Heat were leading 2-0 in the series against the Sixers in the conference semifinals, and Oladipo wanted to remind The Beard that he scored him on the truffle. Except then Philadelphia came back to 2-2 and Nikola Jokic was named MVP of the regular season, which could well have pissed off Joel Embiid and sent him into Gamebreaker mode. However, Miami will pocket the series in the wake of a 4-star Jimmy Butler. In any case, it’s a nice sign of confidence that is nice to see from Vic, but the latter will have to continue in the conference finals because his team will still need him.

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