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For the first time in several days, the dollar In colombia recorded losses, which caused him to drop from the 4,600 pesos. However, the currency remains priced high.

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Although the day began with slight increases, around 20 pesos and opening at 4,649 pesos, by 11 am its value was registering declines.

Before noon, the currency was traded on average at 4,584.38 pesos, 43.08 pesos less than the Representative Market Rate of the day, which was 4,627.46 pesos.

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After 11:20 am, the currency continued to fall and was trading on average at 4,579.19. In the end, it ended up with an average price of 4,557.45 pesos, 70.01 pesos less than the TRM.

The highest value that the dollar had this Wednesday was 4,670 pesos, while the lowest it was 4,479 pesos.

So far in 2022, the peso has devalued 16.23% against the dollar. And in the last 12 months the fall has been 21.01%.

This Wednesday the 13th, in addition, inflation in the United States for June 2022 was announced. The data stood at 9.1%, the highest recorded in more than 40 years.

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This situation would influence the price of the currency, since the US Federal Reserve (FED) has been raising interest rates to curb inflation, which has repercussions in world markets and, especially, in emerging countries such as Colombia.

To this is added the influence that the ddecisions being made by the elected president, Gustavo Petro.

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