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Trolls 2, directed by Walt Dohrn, is the sequel to the 2016 hit of the same name. Four years after the events of the first chapter, Poppy and Branch discover that theirs is not the only troll people in existence, but that there are five more tribes spread over five other lands. Each of these is dedicated to a different musical genre: Pop, Funk, Classical, Techno, Country and Rock. What had been their quiet and peaceful world up until then suddenly becomes larger and filled with noise. Queen Barb, aided by her father King Thrash, is intent on wiping out all other types of music so that rock can take over all six lands.
The world of trolls is at risk and only Poppy and Branch can stop Barb’s power freaks. But they will not be alone in this adventure, they will also be joined by Biggie, Chenille, Satin, DJ Suki, Cooper and Guy Diamond. Having set out to visit all the lands, the trolls want to unify the vast people to live in peace with each other and put an end to Barb’s evil plan.
In addition to Anna Kendrick And Justin Timberlake, which in the original version, lend the voice to the protagonists Poppy And Branch, many other stars of film and world music also appear in the cast. The film’s antagonists are voiced by Rachel Bloom And Ozzy Osbourne respectively Barb And King Thrash. The land of Funk is ruled by Regina Essence, voiced by Mary J. Blige, while to raise the flag of the Country is Delta Dawn with the sung of Kelly Clarkson. J Balvin with his Tressilo is the symbol of Reggaeton and the bel Jamie Dornan lends his voice to the character of Chaz, smooth jazz musician.

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Trolls 2 - Wolrd Tour


The first Trolls in 2016 it recorded a collection of 347 million euros, against a budget of 125. It is appreciable the idea that the DreamWorks Animation continue with the saga, given that the profit margin was not up to the competition from Pixar or Illumination Entertainment: Hollywood tends to move towards higher cost / revenue ratios, here we are facing a pleasant exception, and for once the fans weren’t humiliated by overly strict calculations. The musical contribution of Justin Timberlake, in Branch’s original voice and author of the catchphrase “Can’t Stop the Feeling”.
Walt Dohrn returns to directing, who should still have teamed up with Mike Mitchell: the latter has, however, left the project to accept The Lego Movie 2, so Dohrn wanted David P. Smith next to him, who before joining DreamWorks Animation he left his mark as a screenwriter and story artist on cult TV series such as Dexter’s Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls.
The original voices, as well as re-proposing Timberlake e Anna Kendrick like Poppy, they open to Sam Rockwell in the role of Hickory and above all Ozzy Osbourne, the Thrash king co-responsible for the chain of events that leads trolls in history to recover the lost strings of the six musical genres (found inspired by the Infinity Stones of Marvel’s memory).
The very rich soundtrack will continue to offer historical hits: of note “Trolls You Wanna Have Fun”, free reinterpretation of Cindy Lauper’s classic “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, and “Rock You Like a Hurricane” by the Scorpions. Even Universal and DreamWorks jingles are accompanied by vocals from Kendrick, Timberlake and associates.
The colorful Trolls dolls were born in 1959, created by the Danish sculptor Thomas Dam: from 1991 to today they have been incarnated in many forms, including animated series for TV, these feature films and even a platform video game released in 1993 for Amiga, PC and Commodore 64.


Even if the message of peaceful coexistence between musical genres will perplex true fans, and certainly cannot exhaust the subject in such a comic and ironic context, Trolls World Tour is a sequel to the height of the original: able to expand the world of the first Trolls with coherence, very lively in the visual solutions, with a repertoire and original catchy soundtrack. Above all he unleashes an enormous imagination in the artistic direction, between crazy and adequately “acid” colors and scenographic inventions. (Domenica Misciagna –
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Due to the coronavirus emergency, the film that was to arrive in cinemas on April 2 was distributed directly in streaming from April 10, 2020.

The film is the directorial debut by David P. Smith.
The only Troll from the first movie not to return is Creek, Poppy’s antagonist and former love interest. Between the Italian voices of the film we have Francesca Michelin, Stash, Elodie and Sergio Sylvestre, all of whom came out of the talent show Amici di Maria De Filippim, apart from Michelin, which was a competitor of X Factor.


From Italian Film Trailer:

Barb: I’m the Hard Rock Troll Queen Barb!
Poppy: The Queen of Rock ?!
Barb: I’ll destroy all music except rock!

King Peppy: The truth is, there are other types of trolls!
Poppy: Wow! really?
King Peppy: The others are not like us, they sing differently, they dance differently! They are different in ways you cannot imagine!

Poppy: The differences don’t matter, we have to round up the trolls to stop Barb from destroying all the music!

Poppy: A world where they are all the same and sing the same ?! This is not harmony!

Barb: I’ll bring the trolls together under one music, ours!

Biggie: How are we all going to get out of it hugging?
Poppy: I will protect you at any cost! I swear a swear!
Branch: You can’t take a swear back!


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