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TV Guide Monday 13 September 2021 Big Brother Vip

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TV Guide Monday 13 September

What’s on TV tonight? There TV Guide of Monday 13 September 2021 with the programs of the first 9 channels and the subdivision between TV series and free-to-air and pay movies. The appointment with Big Brother Vip, now in its sixth edition, is back on Canale 5, Rai 1 responds with the reply of Il Commissario Montalbano.

Rai 1
18:45 Chain reaction
8:00 pm Tg1
20:30 The usual unknown
21:25 Commissioner Montalbano
The Treasure Hunt
23:25 Seven Stories

Rai 2
18:50 A Million Little Things 1 × 13 1st Tv
19:40 NCIS 15 × 06
20:30 Tg2
21:00 Tg2 Post
21:20 John Wick 3 Parabellum 1st Tv
Excommunicated from the assassin caste and with a price on his head, John Wick decides to go to Casablanca and seek out the eldest member of the sect to ask for an amnesty.
23:40 Marettimo Italian Film Fest Stella Maris Award

Rai 3
19:50 Tg R
8:00 pm Blob
20:35 Here Venice Cinema
20:45 A Place in the Sun
21:15 Presadiretta
Sport is a right
23:20 Dante Confidential

Channel 5
17:35 Afternoon 5
18:45 Free fall 1st tv
8:00 pm Tg5
20:35 Paperissima Sprint
21:30 Big Brother Vip
half past one Tg5

Italy 1
19:30 CSI 11
20:30 NCIS 2
21:20 Killer Elite
Action-thriller with Jason Statham (“Fast and Furious”) and Robert De Niro. A former professional killer returns to the business to save a friend.
23:45 Tiki Taka – The republic of football

Network 4
19:55 Love storm 1st Tv
20:30 Italy tonight
21:25 Fourth Republic
00:50 Gone 1 × 01

18:00 The Good Wife
8:00 pm TgLa7
20:35 On air
21:15 Eden
00:30 Tg La7

Tv8 (ch. 125 Sky)
19:25 Rich Dish 1st Tv
20:30 Guess My Age 1st Tv
21:30 My fake-wife
Transferred to Beijing, a 12-year-old collides with the school bully. To defend himself, he will learn the art of kung-fu.
00:00 The Undoing 1 × 01-02

Nine (ch. 149 Sky)
19:15 Hells Kitchen
20:20 Deal with It 1st tv
21:30 Outposts
Health district / Hunt for new clans

TV Series and Movies TV Guide Monday 13 September 2021

The TV series in the clear

  • Rai 4 (ch. 21 dtt – 10 TivùSat) at 21:20 Vikings 6 × 13-14 1st Tv
  • Yellow (ch. 38 dtt and Tivùsat 167 Sky) at 21:10 Murdoch’s Mysteries 8 × 11-12 1st tv

The Sky / Premium TV series

  • Sky Atlantic (ch. 109 sat and 455 dtt pay) at 9.15 pm The White Lotus 1 × 05-06 1st Tv
  • Sky Series (ch. 112) 9.15 pm Give me back my wife part one
  • Sky Investigation (ch. 114) 9.15 pm Elementary 1 × 21-22
  • Fox (ch. 116) at 21:00 911 Lone Star 2 × 11-12
  • PremiumCrime (ch. 118 sat 460 dtt pay) at 9.15 pm Lethal Weapon 2 × 03-04
  • Premium Stories (ch 126 sat 462 dtt pay) at 9.15 pm Claws 1 × 03-04
  • Premium Action (ch 128 sat 459 dtt pay) at 9.15 pm Arrow 4 × 07-08

If you are looking for streaming TV series, here you will find our catalogs by platform:

  1. Netflix, click here for the catalog;
  2. Prime Video, click here for the catalog;
  3. Starzplay, click here for the catalog;
  4. Apple Tv +, click here for the catalog;
  5. Infinity +, click here for the catalog;
  6. TIMVISION, click here for the catalog;
  7. Sky and NOW, click here for the catalog;
  8. Disney +, click here for the catalog.

Free-to-air movies

20 (ch. 20 dtt and TivùSat 151 Sky) at 8.45 pm Whiteout White nightmare
To shed light on the first assassination ever committed in Antarctica, a federal sheriff has only 3 days before the long, dark winter.

Iris (ch. 22 dtt, 11 Tivùsat 325 Sky) at 9.15 pm A love at the height of 1st tv
Remake of an Argentine hit film with Oscar winner J. Dujardin (“The artist”). The relationship between Diane and Alex will be severely tested by the height

Rai Movie (call 24 dtt 14 TivùSat) at 21:10 Gun Hour – Revenge at the OK Corral
Arizona, 1881. The famous clash between Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and the Clanton, which takes place in Tombstone on October 26, marks a historical page

Rai Premium (ch. 25 dtt 15 TivùSat) at 21:20 Katie FFord – The Angel of the Lighthouse
Rob Hunter is tasked with completing a housing development plan in the Hudson Valley. The last fragment he misses is an old lighthouse, protected with all his might by the officials at Anna Wilcox. The two inevitably end up falling in love.

Sky (ch. 26 dtt 19 Tivùsat 156 Sky) at 9.15 pm The Guardian – Rescue at sea
A diver distraught by the death of a friend is chosen to train the recruits. With the best of his students he will be back in action.

Paramount Network (ch. 27 dtt and Tivùsat 158 ​​Sky) at 9.15 pm Look who’s talking 2
Obtained the pilot’s license, James becomes a father by giving a little sister to Mickey, who, however, is not too happy with the new arrival


La5 (ch.30 dtt 12 Tivùsat 159 Sky) at 21:10 Marie is on fire – Stormy times
The fire that broke out in the Altay garage proved impossible for the Wildegg fire brigade volunteers to extinguish.

Cine 34 (ch. 34 dtt and Tivùsat 327 Sky) at 21:10 A summer in the Caribbean
Enrico Brignano, Gigi Proietti and Biagio Izzo in a hilarious mix of stories of Italians on vacation, in the paradisiacal setting of Antigua

TopCrime (ch. 39 dtt and TivùSat 168 Sky) at 21:10 Crime in the Caribbean
Detective film centered on the character of Lena, a Parisian policewoman who moves to the island of Martinique to discover her origins.

Spike (ch. 49 dtt 26 Tivusat 169 Sky) at 21:30 Spy Kids 4 It’s time for heroes
Marissa’s stepchildren, a retired spy, take action to save the world from a strange megalomaniac dude who threatens to stop time and destroy the planet.

Italy 2 (ch. 66 dtt 16 TivùSat 175 Sky) at 21:20 American Pie Marriage
Third and final chapter of the “American Pie” saga. Clumsy Jim asks Michelle to become his wife. But there will be no shortage of surprises at the wedding

Pay Sky / Premium movies

Sky Cinema One (ch. 301) 9.15 pm Give me back my wife – part one

Cinema Two (ch. 302) 9.15 pm The mole
From the novel by John Le Carrè, thriller with Gary Oldman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Colin Firth. London, 1973: an agent must track down the Russian spy within British intelligence (GBR / FRA / GER 2011)

Cinema Collection (ch. 303) 9.15 pm Eli Roth
Eli Roth directs Bruce Willis in the remake of the 1970s classic starring Charles Bronson. To avenge his family, a Chicago surgeon turns into a ruthless killer (USA 2018)

Cinema Family (ch. 304) at 21:00 Sweets
Robert Downey Jr. and Antonio Banderas in an epic adventure. A doctor who can talk to animals sets sail to a legendary island in search of a cure for Queen Victoria (USA 2020)

Cinema Action (ch. 305) at 21:00 The mask of Zorro
Antonio Banderas is the legendary swordsman on an adventure with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins. Zorro transforms a bandit into his heir to take revenge on the Spanish governor (USA 1998)

Suspenseful cinema (ch. 306) at 21:00Pay the Ghost
Nicolas Cage in a paranormal thriller. To shed light on their son’s disappearance, two parents follow terrifying clues as they come into contact with the world of ghosts (USA 2015)

Romance cinema (ch. 307) at 21:00 French Kiss
Romantic comedy with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. Kate discovers that her boyfriend, in France for work, is cheating on her. Determined to win him back, she joins him, but not everything goes as planned (USA 1995)

Cinema Drama (ch. 308) at 21:00 An extraordinary friend
Delicate friendship story with a superb Tom Hanks. In 1998 the journalist Lloyd Vogel interviews Fred Rogers, host of a children’s show, discovering his extraordinary human side (USA 2019)

Comedy cinema (ch. 309) at 21:00 My cousin Vincenzo
Oscar to Marisa Tomei, alongside Joe Pesci in an irresistible classic of comedy. Eccentric lawyer has to bail out two boys accused of murder (USA 1992)

Premium Cinema 1 (ch. 313 sat 463 dtt pay) at 9.15 pm The Mummy – The tomb of the Dragon Emperor
Third and final chapter of the saga. O’Connell and Evy face a cruel Chinese emperor, brought back to life by their son, Alex.

Premium Cinema 2 (ch. 315 sat 464 dtt pay) at 9.15 pm Jenny’s Wedding
Katherine Heigl is Jenny, a young woman who cannot communicate her intention to marry a woman to her conservative parents.

Premium Cinema 3 (ch. 316 sat 465 dtt pay) at 9.15 pm Them Who?
Funny comedy with Marco Giallini and Edoardo Leo, centered on a game of multiple deceptions. Meeting a scammer changes David’s life.

TV Guide Monday 13 September 2021 Shows, Sports and documentaries on TV

  • Rai 5 (ch. 23 dtt 13 TivùSat) 9.15 pm Charades the circle of words + All you want (film)
  • Focus (ch 35 dtt 60 Tivùsat 414 Sky) 9.15 pm Pompeii the lost world
  • Real Time (ch. 31 dtt and TivùSat 160 Sky) at 20:30 Courtesies for guests 1st tv at 21:25 Lives at the limit 1st tv
  • DMAX (ch. 52 dtt, 28 TivùSat 170 Sky) 9.20 pm River Monster dangerous encounters 1st tv
  • Mediaset Extra (ch. 55 dtt 17 Tivùsat 163 Sky) 10:10 pm Live Big Brother Vip 6
  • Sky One (ch. 108 Sat and 455 dtt pay) 9.15 pm America’s Got Talent: The Champions 2 × 06 1a Tv
  • Sky Art (ch. 120/400 Sky) 9.15 pm Painting the sea 1st tv
  • Sky Documentaries (ch. 122/402) 9.15 pm Kaiser the greatest in the history of football
  • Sky Nature (ch. 124/404) 9.15 pm David Attenborough Conquering the sky 1st tv
  • Blaze (ch. 127 Sky) 8:30 pm Crazy games + 9:50 pm Treasure hunting 1st TV + The secrets of the ranch
  • Comedy Central (ch. 129 Sky) at 21:00 Made in the south
  • MTV (ch. 131 Sky) 9.15 pm MTV Video Music Awards 2021
  • Red shrimp (ch. 133 Sky) 9.00 pm The apartment + my moment at the coffee
  • The F (ch. 135 Sky) 9.10 pm Red – Go on the path
  • Sky Sport One 9:00 pm Everton – Burnley
  • Sky Sport Football / DAZN 8.45 pm Bologna – Verona

Complete programming Rai, Mediaset, Sky, Discovery

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