Two men tried to burn down an immigrant aid center and set themselves on fire

Two men tried to set fire to a immigrant center in California, United States, and by accident they set themselves on fire. The unprecedented episode was recorded by the security cameras of the place and the images quickly went viral on the social media, where users They repudiated the attack.

As published by the local news site KBAK, the event occurred this Monday night when two men, whose identity is unknown, they approached a place of services for immigrants, located in East Bakersfield, California, and began dumping fuel around the building.

Suspects set themselves on fire while trying to set fire to business

Suspects set themselves on fire while trying to set fire to business

The cameras of the place managed to capture the moment in which the fire broke out and the two men were engulfed in flames.

In the images, later released by Eyewitness News, It can also be seen how the two men throw themselves to the ground and begin to roll to put out the flames on his body and then escape.

Firefighters reportedly arrived at the premises and within minutes managed to combat the flames. Kern County Fire Department (KCFD) Chief Andrew Freeborn told KBAK that the fire was contained in approximately 10 minutes.

“When firefighters arrived, they found that the fire was located in the back of the store and in the garage,” Freeborn said. And in relation to those responsible, he concluded: “Yes, the images are quite dramatic, and we hope that these people are quickly identified.”

Meanwhile, the owners of the local immigration services announced what happened on Facebook. “Dear customers, we started the year a little badly, but with the Grace of God we will get ahead. I would like to inform you that due to this incident that occurred on January 2, 2023, our office will be closed until further notice,” they detailed from the social network.


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