Two new Mediaset channels on Digital Terrestrial? The hypothesis

The imminent arrival, after years of postponements, of the switch off to the DTT second generation, on the one hand, and the unstoppable rise of online streaming, on the other: le technological revolutions in progress in recent months are transforming the world of linear television and content on demand. The latest innovation in this process could be the acquisition of two new channels on Digital Terrestrial by Mediaset.

After the unfortunate experience of Mediaset Premium, in fact, Piersilvio Berlusconi’s company would be interested in two very interesting LCN numbers: channels 27 and 49, that is, those that currently host Paramount Network And Spike. Two broadcasters that, crossing different clues, seem to be in the process of abandoning the Italian digital television platform. According to reports Primaonline, therefore, the two positions would already be in Mediaset’s crosshairs. The maneuver, however, should go through a ruling by the Authority for the competition of the market (theAntitrust Italian): with two more channels, in fact, Mediaset could obtain a dominant position on the market.

New channels on digital: it is decided in days

At the moment, Mediaset’s interest in the two channels 27 and 49, which currently broadcast the aforementioned two broadcasters of the American group ViacomCBS, it is only speculated and there are no official statements on the matter.

It all stems from the fact that ViacomCBS (again according to rumors) would strongly intend to end the broadcasts of Paramount Network (channel 27) and Spike (channel 59), already on Sunday 16th January. The hypothesis that circulates is that the large American network wants to move more and more channels from the ether to the Internet, perhaps using the existing platform Pluto TV.

This would involve the abandonment of the channels 27 and 49 which, consequently, could be occupied by the broadcasts of another network.

What will Mediaset do

According to Primaonline, the passage of channels 27 and 49 from ViacomCBS to Mediaset is “the most likely option“. Mediaset, on the other hand, is at the center of a revolution (like all other networks) due to the aforementioned technological changes.

There TV of the future, it is now clear, it will be both online and on Digital Terrestrial and a giant like Mediaset must preside both territories, to satisfy all audiences. More channels on DVB, therefore, but also a richer on-demand offer on Infinity +.

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