UdeC Medicine held a second participatory workshop as part of its re-accreditation process

The activity, which took place in the Country Club of the Medical College of Concepciónhad the participation of the highest authorities of the Faculty, Dr. Mario Valdivia Peralta and Hernan Leon ValdesDean and Vice Dean respectively.

In addition, directors and academics from the nine departments of the program, professionals from the units of the Research Department, the Postgraduate Department and the Department of Links with the Environment and representatives of all levels of the program were also present. from first to seventh year, in addition to the Medical Student Center.

The main goal of the workshop, explained the Head of the Race, Dr. Ana Maria Moraga Palaciosit was collect feedback on activities to be included in the Career Improvement Plan for this new period, based on the strengths and weaknesses identified and compiled in the work of the first workshop held in April and the results of the self-assessment survey that was applied to the members of the Faculty.

Currently the Accreditation Committee of the Medicine career has the task of responding to each of the 12 criteria that are evaluated in the Self-Assessment Report and that include, among others, academic results, finances, student welfare and organization. then design the Improvement plan of the career.

“Once the Self-Assessment Report is finished, work will begin on the design of the Career Improvement Plan that includes the results obtained in the previous workshops and that will be sent to the National Accreditation Committee, CNA,” added Dr. Moraga.

A third workshop is planned for the middle of the second semester in which the Improvement Plan will be presented to the members of the Faculty in order to receive comments and feedback.

We are especially interested in receiving opinions on activities that have to do with improving weaknesses and strengthening —even more— our strengths, since in our workshops we have identified many and we do not want to neglect them”, concluded Dr. Moraga.

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