Umurangi Generation is coming to Xbox, will be part of Game Pass

One of the titles that has impacted us the most in recent years is an indie photography game set in an apocalyptic world, full of rage against the governments and capitalist systems that led us to collapse. We talk about Umurangi Generation And if you don’t know this wonderful work, you will soon be able to do so thanks to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

In this game from the Maori developer Naphtali Faulkner and published by Playism we have to go through different scenarios of Aotearoa (the indigenous name for New Zealand) fulfilling photographic assignments. At first everything seems normal and we get carried away by its relaxed vibe. But if we pay attention we discover that something is wrong in this world and it is on the verge of collapse. It is a work strongly influenced by the ‘anime’ Neon Genesis Evangelion.

This game was one of the big winners of the Independent Games Festival (IGF) Awards 2021. You can read our review of the Switch version sigushegoing this link.

What is the release date of Umurangi Generation on xbox game pass?

Umurangi Generation Coming to Xbox platforms on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 and that same day it will be available for the Game Pass service. This is the ‘Special Edition’ that also contains the DLC.

If they are not subscribed to Game Pass, the game will cost them 75,900 Colombian pesos.

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