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Explore an underground world, find out about the personal lives of your favorite influencers and athletes; What’s behind the highest grossing movies, meet the animals that “play dead”, teen code, the problems you’re going through can be solved and get ready for the Tik Tok Awards.


He achieved worldwide fame thanks to the channel “Los Polinesios” that he created alongside his sisters, Karen and Lesslie; He finished his degree in Marketing but from a very young age he wanted to be an artist and success on YouTube came to him thanks to the team he makes with his family, on digital platforms they present challenges and tags.

It was in 2020 when the trio saw one of their biggest dreams come true by joining the Barbie brand to launch their own figures; With this success, they became the first digital content creators to launch their own dolls and dolls.

They have repeatedly been nominated for the Kid’s Choice Awards Mexico, sharing the category with stars such as Dani Hoyos, Yolo Aventuras, Mis Pasteliltos, Danny Alfaro and La Bala.

Name: Rafael Velazquez Espinoza

Height: 1.80 m.

Age: 33 years

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Weight: 67kg

Occupation: YouTuber

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown


Person: his mom

Food: hamburgers

Pop music

Artist: Ariana Grande, Beyonce, One Direction and Pitbull

Series: Harry Potter

City: New York

Actress: Emma Watson

Sport: Athletics

Animal: Octopus


After 13 years of waiting, “Avatar 2: The Sense of Water” arrived in theaters, the first installment of this film required more work since James Cameron started from scratch when it came to creating the following: how would the characters, the color of the Na’vi, language and everything that a production of this level entails; Although making the second one might seem less difficult, it also required years of work and strategies that include secrets that you will never see on the screen, to this is added the special effects and the technology that was used to make the second edition a blockbuster as it was the first.

Why are the Na’vi blue?

As the director James Cameron confessed in interviews with the international media, this is because the color was not widely seen in other films, contrary to the green that has already been used in other alien movies.

How long did it take to record it?

Three years, started in California in 2017 and ended in 2020

Why is the movie 3 hours and 15 minutes long?

For the important role played by all the characters; cutting or removing scenes could ruin the balance of Avatar.

Message: The first film addresses the problem the planet is going through, the destruction of the environment and the excessive use of raw materials, while the second tells a story of survival and the importance of not running away from problems, but facing them.



A team of animators was in charge of collecting data from the movements of real actors who recorded them underwater, through sensors they passed the information to computers and created the virtual characters.


This apparatus allowed filming underwater; modern lens technology prevented images from being distorted


Actors and actresses went through extensive training to learn how to hold their breath during aquatic scenes.


According to science, the action performed by some animals of “playing dead” is called tonic immobility, this refers to a state of inactivity which they assume mainly when they are detected by their predators and do not have the slightest chance of escaping. they also do it for hunting or breeding purposes.

When these species fake their death, physiological changes occur such as: decreased heart and respiratory rates, they keep their eyes open, their tongues stick out, and they even emit fluids, which generally causes the attacker, believing that the prey has died, not to perform any action. violent action and lose interest which gives them the opportunity to flee.


It is one of the most popular animals to pretend to be dead in order to survive; its ability to deceive the predator is so real that, in many cases, it escapes the risk situation unscathed.


The snake native to Asia and Europe, which is not poisonous, uses defense strategies when it feels threatened, such as expelling blood or placing itself in an attack position, if this does not work, it enters a state of immobility, leaving its body so flaccid that anyone would believe that she’s dead.


The young workers of this species, faced with a possible attack by other neighbors, choose to play dead, this gives them a greater chance of living, while the adults tend to face each other and do not use the immobility strategy.


It is documented that some species of ducks when caught by foxes enter a state of thanatosis; the predator leaves the bird alive, the problem is that the adult foxes have already learned this escape strategy and sometimes wait for it to try to flee and catch it again.



brown snake


white tailed jackrabbit


domestic rooster


If you are between 10 and 12 years old, you reached an age in which many changes go through your mind and body, it is the age called pre-adolescence, different for girls than for boys due to human nature.

This issue worries you and you begin to share with others and ask yourself questions about your appearance that you may not like. Find out when these changes last and what is happening inside of you.


At the age of 10, the nose takes what will be its final shape, however, it will continue to grow for another five to seven years in the case of women and until 17 or 19 in men.


The average age that women start menstruating is 12 years old; This natural process occurs between 9 and 15 years of age.


Growth depends on different factors, but under normal conditions, men grow up to 21 years of age and women up to 17.


It begins to change between 11 and 14 years of age, in some it occurs gradually and in others very quickly.


After 10 you have stages in which you can’t stand yourself; you can be somewhat aggressive, rebellious and love your moments alone. It presents episodes of anxiety, wonder, fear and anguish, this comes and goes until you turn 19.


You have your own opinions and critics about love, studies, friends, family, you think a lot about yourself; you guide your ideas towards what you believe and reveal yourself to what you dislike.

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