Unusual: Gerard Piqué is upset with Shakira for how the Colombian has handled their separation

Gerard Piqué and his sentimental partner, the singer Shakira.

Photo: GABRIEL BOUYS/Getty Images

The evil tongues say that Gerard Piqué is upset with Shakira. They say he is angry at how the Colombian has handled the separation. Some affirm that this annoyance arises because they supposedly had an open relationship, that even their family knew it, and that for this reason they do not understand that the singer has or is handling the issue of separation as if it were something from another world.

But, there are also those who believe that Shakira would never agree to have an open relationship with the father of her children, because of the values ​​that she shows to have. A faithful believer of this thought is Lili Estefan, host of El Gordo y la Flaca, who assures that even when the medium that has contributed this theory in Spain, it is considered respectable.for her this is nothing more than an unfounded rumor, because as she explained, the paper can withstand anything they put on it.

They also say that what really bothers Piqué is that they are saying that their entire relationship ended for another woman, which according to him is not true. And he also does not like that they say that the separation has not affected him at all and that they are friends of the singer, allegedly, the ones who are leaking all this information to the media, with which they are leaving him by soil.

They also affirm, according to the ABC media, that Shakira breached the agreement they had wanted to reach to present a separation statement together. Gerard Piqué wanted to do it weeks before, because they say that they have been separated for a long time, but the Colombian was ahead of everything and everyone, which is why now he seems to be the villain of the film.

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