up to 1,800 euros for one specimen

Coins that have made the history of our country, coins that have characterized the lives of millions of Italians.

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Coins they have literally identified our country, between borders and beyond. Coins that for millions of Italians represented childhood, the first steps towards adolescence and adulthood, in short, coins that can hardly be canceled from collective memory of a country, that in a precise century, the one in which these intense testimonies are coined, is experiencing the tragedy of war, of dictatorship, of hunger and hardship and then of a recovery that perhaps some would not have imagined so overwhelming.

The history of our country it is obviously characterized by the experience of the Lira. Italy as a monarchy, then a republic, oppressed and then freed, which revives its daily life in those coins in those objects that mark the hours, the days, the years. An Italy rich in enterprises and memorable memories that relives through its coins, its heritage. Collectors today engaged in finding pieces everywhere more and more valuable and responding to a certain logic, also dictated by passion.

Coins, take out all the old Lire: all the most sought after pieces

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One of the most sought-after pieces is undoubtedly the 1 Lira Orange 1947 coin. Adorned with ears on one side and an orange branch on the other, this coin can represent a real treasure for the lucky owner. Its worth in excellent condition? 1500 euros, really not bad in conclusion. The 2 lire coin called ear for the figure shown on one of the two sides, also minted in 1947 in perfect condition, can be worth even 1800 euros, we are talking about real treasures.

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Another very valuable piece, for all Italian collectors and is not represented by the 5 lire coin called Uva. This specimen minted in 1946 is in some way the coin of rebirth, that of the post-war period, of reconstruction and of dreams that come alive and pressing. The first 5 lire, moreover, coined by the Italian Republic. On one of the two sides, a bunch of grapes. Its value in optimal conditions, in perfect condition? 1200 euros, really not bad, in short. Coins that have really made the history of our country in a very specific moment, in a very specific era. Collectible pieces now sought after in every corner of the planet, a great satisfaction, in short.

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