Ups, downs and rumors about Real Madrid, Barcelona…

Kurzawa, offended

Player who left Paris Saint-Germain after nine years in the squad. During this time, he barely spoke one word louder than the other, but at the moment of goodbye, he seemed to decide to leave, leaving direct messages in the club. In an interview with L’Equipe, the defender claims that not only the presidency, but also the leadership did not respect him: “In 2020 they extended my contract for four seasons and just a year later they told me:‘You have to go’confirms the player, who continues: “People think I was happy just getting paid, but I really wasn’t,” he admits.

Now think about the future: “I need a real sports project and a place where my family is and I feel calm. I would like a quiet life,” he dreams. However, there were no serious problems in his relationship with Luis Enrique. On the contrary: “It was a great gift for me to play nine minutes against Strasbourg.” I expected to play zero minutes. Luis Enrique said: “I’m doing this because he deserves it.” Some people in the club probably didn’t like it… They saw my attitude towards training, at one point I was one of those who trained the best. And then I realized that I wouldn’t get anything.”

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