Uriel Antuna is not satisfied with the negotiationsHalf time

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No doubt despair and illusions have at this time a Uriel Antuna in a moment not pleasant. The still player of Cruz Azul already He is upset with the club after the way in which the negotiations have been carried out with Panathinaikos of Greece.

Halftime could confirm that the footballer has already shown some attitudes that are described as “discouragement and rebelliontowards the coaching staff. Raul Gutierrez already has them detected and even has sat down to talk to him to calm him down.

Just like he did with Michael Estradathe cement technician toadvise Antuna so that she does not lose her sanity At this moment in which the bids between CAZ, the Greeks and the representative seem to destabilize it at the beginning of the Clausura 2023. The footballer will be concentrated with La Máquina for next Sunday’s game against Xolos corresponding to Matchday 1.

The proposal between Greeks and celestial

La Máquina has put a six-month loan for $300,000 as an option (around 6 million pesos), and if they decide to keep it, 6 million dollars at the end to free the footballer.

On the other hand, in Greece SPORT24 reports that the Panathinaikos faces many “goings and goings; comings and goings” by Mexicans in the last 24 hours. the hellenic painting I would have made an offer to pay a million dollars immediately for a loan and acquire Antuna for 4 million dollars in the summer market.

EvenThey even have a deadline (a period of 48 hours that expire this Friday afternoon) to finalize the matter and, in case of having more obstacles, undertake option B that they already have in their sights.

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