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While Colombia beat Bolivia 3-0, Peru, its staunchest competitor in the fight for qualification at the last breath of the qualifiers, lost to Uruguay 0-1 in Montevideo.

Although the goal of the charrúas was in the 42nd minute, the image that the whole world was left with was that of the unusual move that was experienced in the final seconds of the match. In the words of the Peruvian fans, a “goal that was not”.

The ‘goal’ that they did not give to Peru

Uruguay celebrates the victory against Peru. Photo: AFP


With the victory, Uruguay reached 25 points in the standings and secured its place in the World Cup. Meanwhile, Peru complicated its aspirations.

The controversial play occurred in the final minutes of the commitment. The Peruvian midfielder Miguel Trauco launched a center that was closing to the point that it went towards the rival goal. The Uruguayan goalkeeper, Sergio Rochet, reacted on the fly and his body was inside the goal. Precisely because of his position, despite the fact that he stretched out his arms as much as he could, the Peruvian fans allege a “robbery” for the “goal that was not.”

The first images seem to show that the ball entered the goal. However, other shots imply that the circumference did not go all the way in.

The controversy intensified due to the fact that, apparently, the VAR supported the decision not to validate the alleged goal.

So far, the official audio of the judges of the committee has not been known.


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