US agents shoot but make mistakes and kill an 8-year-old girl, for the prosecutors they are not to blame

The case is causing debate in the US where the only ones charged with the death of little Fanta Bility are the two teenagers who triggered the police intervention.

Killed by mistake by policemen when she was only 8 years old but for his death, according to the prosecutors, the agents who made the wrong target cannot be indicted but only those who started the shooting. It is the new case that is causing debate in the United States where the only ones indicted for the death of the little Fanta Bility are the two adolescents of 16 and 18 who triggered the intervention of the police. The facts date back to August 27 when the agents were called in the suburbs of Philadelphia for a shooting in progress outside the local sports field, where a football game was being played between young people. When they arrived at the scene, the policemen started shooting in turn at a car that they mistakenly believed was the source of the shots but inside which was instead the family of the child who was hit by a bullet and died.

Now, nearly three months after the deadly shooting, the district attorney’s office has acknowledged that it was the police shots that hit Fanta and three other passers-by who were injured but have established that the only responsible are the two boys because they are the ones who “started the events that led to the fatal shooting”. In fact, the two adolescents were accused of first degree murder while for the three agents involved in the death of the child, daughter of African immigrants, there was no provision and they can continue to work normally. A decision that has sparked indignation in the community and angered the family who fear that the police are trying to evade responsibility. The Bility family also filed a lawsuit against the town of Sharon Hill and the local police department.

The allegations are based on a legal theory that the two teenagers, by their actions intended to kill each other, caused Fanta’s death. A thesis that, however, the child’s family rejects forcefully and that it will have to pass the scrutiny of a documentary investigation by the Grand Jury which has been re-examining all the evidence since yesterday to determine whether the use of lethal force by police officers was justified.

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