VALORANT Tips: Map Linking Guide

In this helpful VALORANT Bind map guide, you’ll learn about one of the most challenging maps in the game, master its crafting, and learn all its secrets. We’ll explain which agents are the best (and how to best use them), as well as offer you a full list of destinations and some tips on how to become a pro on this card. sometimes frustrating.

Don’t forget that watching professional VALORANT athletes play can be a great source of inspiration, as well as being able to play these maps in a variety of ways.


Snap map overview

Bind is a VALORANT classic that launched as one of the four original cards, with several updates that brought it to where it is today. Since the two sites A and B are connected by a seemingly simple two-lane design, there is no middle lane, meaning you’ll have to pick a lane and stick to it. The first map to feature the teleportation trick. Bind flips the script and balances the map so that the balance favors the defending team. If you end up on Bind, anyone can win.

Located in Morocco’s Alpha Land, Bind is a city of mixed aesthetics, much to the dismay of its inhabitants. Beautiful historical ruins and natural features are obscured by metal and smoke as the Kingdom Corporation expands its ownership of this once picturesque site. The city is mined for valuable radianite, with no care for the people who have lived here for generations, nor for the generations yet to be born into its gradual decline.

The Bind card is currently in rotation.


Link map routes

Map binding in VALORANT from Riot Games.
  • Short/Medium

  • Box

  • Elbow

  • Default

  • Back elbow

  • in CT

  • Tower/Heaven

  • Backyard Camp/Cube

  • Shower corner

  • Shower/Bath

  • To T.P.

  • Link/sell

  • Lamps/Uhaul

  • Troika/Tetris

  • Truck

  • B Hookah/Window

  • Corner drawer

  • Under the hookah

  • B Garden/Long

  • B elbow

  • B. Backsite

  • Tunnel B

  • B Default

  • B CT

  • B Link/Market

  • B TP


Best binding card agents

The Viper is a great choice for Bind as it can stop the classic aggressive hookah jerk with a one-way smoke. This is a difficult move, but it can save you a lot of time if you use it correctly. This Video shows exactly where to stand and how to activate it. Be sure to place an ally with good aim on the metal pipe between Bi-Long and the Garden so he can take out any enemies that are pushed back there.

Sage’s ability to build walls is more necessary on Bind than on most other maps. These flexible shields will allow you to stand and run when the heat hits, as there is no middle lane and a very limited number of paths to choose from. You can also defend this crucial hookah spot with a Slow Orb, trapping enemies as they rush through the gap.

If you’re confident in Raze, you’ll be able to defeat Bind in record time. Her speed and abilities make her an excellent choice for attack or defense, countering anything that comes her way. Fire paint projectiles through the teleporter to scare the crap out of your enemies, or use explosives to clear choke points around lamps and shower stalls. Not to mention his ultimate, Curtain Closer, can end the round…

The Fade Torment ability gives you a huge advantage if used in the right place. Being able to look at a map is one thing, but Bind’s unique layout means its ability is more powerful than ever, sometimes showing entire sites at once. Activate Torment between the two doors and watch as it reveals someone lurking around the TP. Tight corners are also easy if you use Stalker and Grapple.

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Tips and tricks for linking a card

Tip 1: Activate Teleporters

Teleporters are very useful in a pinch, but they make enough noise to alert anyone to your location. This can be a hassle since you’ll have to quickly get out of there before they find you, but it can also be an advantage. If you’re using Cypher, you can place his spy camera on the teleport door and fire a tracking dart to activate it without using the door. Use this trick with caution, as your opponents will quickly notice.

Tip 2: Play split style

You’ll want to play split/default on Bind and stay calm even when an all-out attack seems tempting. Place one player in the shower, another in A Short, another outside the hookah and a couple in B Long. Remain calm and motionless until you can launch an all-out attack. You don’t have to use every trick on the map to win, just stay cool and in formation.

Tip 3: Keep Key Spaces Clear

Defenders should keep a close eye on what’s going on, but some key areas to watch out for are paradise, showers and short circuits. If you are well positioned in Heaven, you will have a clear view of the other two key points, allowing you to detect any impending shock. Therefore, you should do your best to keep these areas clean first and foremost. A smoke show here could be the end of your strategy.

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