Vargas remembers ‘Potro’ Gutiérrez for his good time with Real Spain

La Ceiba, Honduras.

Real España is accentuating a new outstanding start under the command of coach Héctor Vargas, who this Saturday added his fourth consecutive win by defeating Vida (1-0) on matchday 9 of the 2021-22 Clausura Tournament that was played at the Ceibeño stadium .

Vargas referred to this good moment at the press conference, where he also saved a place to remember the passage of Mexican coach Raúl Gutiérrez who, according to him, had a difficult start due to losses in the squad.

“The moment is good for the team, it came from a good tournament with runner-up with all the chances of having a good tournament, the problem was the beginning and it was complicated by the virus (coronavirus) and we are part of the filter that the teams have when things don’t work”, was heard from the helmsman before the microphones at a press conference.

And he added: “Thank you for me, but bad for Potro that he had to leave because of the results, I have had to leave clubs; these games are so early because of the knowledge I have of the players, but perhaps another coach would have taken longer. I put my grain of sand and they use it to get the results”.

Regarding the actions of his players, it was clear that “I base myself on the quality of the players I have, as the best goalkeeper in the league -that’s why the result of the number of goals we have- I have players that I have made debut , but there are others that I come to know. There is good communication with everyone and that has made us bring the results. They are a strong group and that is reflected on the pitch”.

This result earned the Sampedrano team to reach 15 units, four in the standings at the end of the first round in the absence of this Sunday’s games.

The award-winning strategist admits that he already feels more alive with the idea of ​​fighting for the championship and aspiring to maintain the first places in the tournament.

“That makes me more nervous because if we won these six points we were going to fight for first place and people are going to put that pressure on us, but it’s nice, it’s very nice for the coach to always be with the possibility of fighting for a championship, that soccer gave me a blessing (8 times winner of the laps), my players understand what I ask of them, today they played to win and the result reflects it”, he closed.

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