Vergara banished him from Chivas, now he could be Vega’s replacement in the Flock

The player who could replace Vega in Chivas
The player who could replace Vega in Chivas

With the injury of Alexis Vega in Chivas, he begins to analyze what his replacement could do for the closing tournament 2023, one of them would be one of the players that the president and owner Amaury Vergara banished from the Flock.

According to Fox Sports, if Alexis Vega’s injury is serious and he cannot recover for the closing tournament, Chivas could consider signing the player Rodolfo Pizarro, who is a free agent and would only negotiate the salary of the Mexican midfielder.

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Rodolfo Pizarro has the same position as Alexis Vega, he knows the game on the wings as he did in his time with Pachuca and Monterrey; now he is left alone in the hands of Amaury Vergara to remove the veto so that he can return to the herd.

How much would Rodolfo Pizarro earn in Chivas?

The Mexican midfielder Rodolfo Pizarro previously earned about 3 million dollars a year in Monterrey, however, his idea of ​​​​returning to Chivas to see his salary reduced by at least 50% indicated the Fox Sports report.

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