Very long-lived celebrities who are still in force

Last week, the first mexican actress Silvia Pinal monopolized the headlines of the press, after her debut in the play Caperucita was canceled, what’s up with your grandmother!, due to health problems, including low blood pressure, which forced the production to replace her with the actress Norma Lazareno.

At the exit, the press captured Doña Silvia leaving the place, accompanied by a group of assistants who helped her get into her truck. These images outraged the public, some fellow actors and journalists, who showed their annoyance at the way in which the family has allowed the 91 year old actress.

Some believed that the lady should now retire and enjoy her old age, others criticized the production for exhibiting the first actress in that way, while others say that, if she wants to continue working, she has every right to do so. do it.

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Her children came to her defense by assuring that their mother, in complete lucidity and will, had decided to do the work as a measure to combat depression.

While opinions are divided on whether older adults have or should continue to work, today we look back at some veteran celebrities who are still going strong.

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Judi Dench

Of British origin, Judi Dench is an actress and writer who began her career as a theater performer. In the cinema, she has participated in important films, including many period films through stories and characters by William Shakespeare, such as Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet or Shakespeare in love.

In the last tapes of the James Bond saga he has had special participations, playing the character of M, among them, GoldenEye, Casino Royal and in Skyfall.

Throughout her career she has been awarded and recognized with important awards, such as an Oscar, 10 Bafta awards and two Golden Globes, among other international awards.

“I want to continue working as long as I can. I do not contemplate retiring, nor does it cross my mind, ”she commented during a visit to San Sebastián about his intentions to withdraw from the medium.

jane fonda

At 84, Jane Fonda is one of the best-known veteran actresses in the business.

His most recent work was the series Grace and Frankie, which ended this year after seven seasons, where he shares credits with Lily Tomlin and other celebrities, such as Sam Waterston.

In addition to being a great performer, she has taken advantage of her fame and popularity to join different projects as an activist for the environment.

She is one of the few elderly actresses who has accounts on social networks, where she interacts with her millions of followers, where she uploads videos, shares interviews or recommends content.

He has several awards to his credit, such as two Oscars, several Golden Globes, some Bafta and Critics Choice Awards, among others.

Anthony Hopkins

Perhaps his most important role has been that of Hannibal Lecter, in the film The Silence of the Lambs, where he shares credits with Jodie Foster, in which he plays a murderer and cannibal.

Among his most important performances are also In the mind of the murderer, Perfect crime, Edge of danger, Hitchcock, The two popes and The father, among others.

Even at 84 years of age, he is a very active actor, and in the middle of the year he will release a new film, Zero Contact by new director Rick Dugdale, which combines science fiction and thriller.

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Maggie Smith

Like Jane Fonda, Maggie Smith is known by the public —children and adults— and her role as Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter saga brought her closer to children and adolescents.

For this actress of British origin, nothing is an impediment to continue working. Perhaps the only two significant absences of her from the stages and recording sets occurred in 1988, when she was diagnosed with Graves-Basedown syndrome and in 2008, after a lump was found in one of her breasts, which turned out benign.

In addition to Harry Potter, another project for which the 87-year-old actress is identified is for her participation in the British series Downton Abbey, where she plays the Countess of Grantham, a role that earned her three Emmys.

Clint Eastwood

Not only is he a Hollywood actor, he is also recognized as a film producer and director. He is 91 years old and age for him is just a number. One of his advantages is that he himself is behind the films in which he has participated, such as his most recent production: Cry Macho, which premiered in September of last year simultaneously in theaters and in the HBO platform.

In this film, as in many of his, there is action and adrenaline. “It may not be as good as I’ve done in the past, but it was fun to do,” the veteran actor explained to Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times, about the punch he throws in the film and his scenes on horseback.

In addition to his inclination for the seventh art, he has had a participation in the world of politics, with some public positions.

In two weeks, on May 31, he will blow out 92 candles on his cake and with many projects ahead.


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