Very tough Villeneuve: “Rental kart race” – Formula 1

“F1 is becoming a Hollywood show. Everything that happened in Jeddah is wrong. It felt more like a rental kart race than an F1 race “. Jacques Villeneuve he does not shy away from painting the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix for what it actually was, with three starts, accidents, curves, sudden slowdowns and an endless list of episodes that have little to do with a race of the highest automotive formula .

“I think in the face of what we have seen this weekend Frank Williams has turned in his grave – added the Canadian reached by the newspaper Autosportthen for sure for the ratings this whole show is fantastic, but I find ridiculous this constant protagonism of the team principals, always in conversation with the commissioners. From a purely commercial point of view, everything is destined to increase the audience, let’s say generalist, but it depends on whether you are a purist or not. A purist facing such a race cannot be absolutely satisfied ”.

Going more into the specifics of the fight between Verstappen and Hamilton, Jacques Villeneuve underlined how difficult it is to be objective in the analysis of the episodes: “Hamilton is a master of making moves on the edge of the regulation always leaving the question of whether he does it on purpose or not. It was the same with Rosberg, with the latter who when he tried to do the same was not equally malicious in being able to perform certain maneuvers without obviously being guilty. Regarding rear-end collision, if one slows down in front of you, you simply pass it. The problem is these damn lines that indicate the Detection Point of the DRS. Verstappen wanted to pass Hamilton, the latter did not want to pass and therefore it was a party game in which no one wanted to take the initiative. In any case Hamilton deserved to win this weekend, Verstappen did not seem to be there with his head, he had the pole in his hand and threw it away ”.


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