Victoria Ruffo finally “grabbed” the rhythm when dancing merengue and breaks the net: VIDEO

Despite the criticism, Victoria Ruffo He continues to pamper his fans with his funny dances and every day he improves his style, proof of this is the last video he shared on his social networks in which he moved to meringue rhythmand showed his best steps with one of his teammates from the second season of “Crown of tears“.

The protagonist of telenovelas has become a sensation on digital platforms, especially on TikTokbecause it has joined the trends and has made various dances with which he has conquered his fans and has gained new ones. Although it has also had retractors, Ruffowho just turn 60continues to show his funniest side on the Chinese social network where he has become very popular.

Victoria Ruffo dances merengue

This time, vickyas his fans affectionately call him, he decided to pamper his 2.1 million of admirers of Instagram with one of his famous dances. The artist shone to the rhythm of the merengue song “The Owner of the Swing” of The Rosario Brothers, together with a colleague “Crown of Tears 2“Well, we must remember that Ruffo always invites both friends and Africa Zavala and Maribel Guardiaas well as staff members.

The actress used a filter that gives movement to the imageso it seems that it has a good rhythm, for this reason it caused the laughter of his followers and some of his companions like Africa Zavala and José María Torre. Likewise, the clip is about to reach 10,000 “likes”, as her fans were delighted with this funny facet of Victoria Ruffo, who always shows a serious side on the screen.

Victoria Ruffo She made her debut in the early 1980s in film and television, and thanks to her talent and beauty, she was able to land several roles in different projects. “Simplemente María”, “I live for Elena”, “Victoria” and “La madrastra”, are some of her works that have given her the title of “The queen of soap operas”.


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