Victoria Ruffo is the new queen of TikTok with more than a million followers in less than a month

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Victoria Ruffo debuted on TikTok less than a month ago and already has more than a million followers on this platformso we have no doubt that soon I will remove the title of “Queen of TikTok” also actress Erika Buenfil.

With funny videos in which he shows his ability to dancethe so-called “Queen of soap operas” has come to conquer this social network, where some of his publications register more than 40 million reproductions.

It was at the end of January when Victoria Ruffo debuted on TikTok with a video with Maribel Guardia and Africa Zavala doing a choreography together. Said publication registers more than 2.5 million views and thousands of comments in which while some Internet users make fun of her ability to dance, since she is clumsy and poorly coordinated; Others assure that she represents them from her because they also have no talent or rhythm.

Victoria Ruffo conquers TikTok with her dances
Photo: Capture TikTok

The last video that the actress shared was one in which she appears dancing rock & roll to the rhythm of the song “Let’s Twist Again” by Chubby Checker on the recording set of her next telenovela “Corona de Lágrimas”. This video registers almost 100 thousand views.

Victoria Ruffo makes fun of herself for her way of dancing
Photo: Capture TikTok

A few days ago, in an interview with the journalist Javier Poza for “Grupo Formula”, Victoria Ruffo he faced criticism with humor about his peculiar style of dancing.

“I’m very bad, very bad… I say that I have the rhythm in my ears, I would really like to dance very well and have coordination but it costs me a lot of work, or I move the top or I move the bottom, there is no way…” he sentenced.

Erika Buenfil is not afraid of Victoria Ruffo’s success

Erika Buenfil who has almost 15 million followers on TikTok She was questioned about whether she fears that other celebrities like Victoria Ruffo could take away her place as the darling of this social network.

Afraid of what? Why do they put tares? Well, yes (I’m the queen), but don’t mess with it… Let them feel like it”, commented during the premiere of the staging “José el soñador”, starring Carlos Rivera.

Erika Buenfil came to TikTok two years ago
Photo: Capture TikTok

“I enjoy the platform, I think that is part of what I play with TikTok, I enjoy it and at no time do I think that I am going to win the game against anyone or elbow anyone. In this race there is something for everyone, you have to put in the effort and work””he concluded.

Here you can see one of Victoria Ruffo’s fun dances:

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