VIDEO: Alleged video of Zendaya receiving a severe beating goes viral

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A video has gone viral this Sunday, after a woman was brutally beaten and many claimed that it was Zendaya.

The clip is only seven seconds long and shows a man kicking a woman inside a store in an unknown location.

After he punches her hard, he also kicks her on the floor as she cries.

The images are sensitive and extremely brutal and although the actress has not broken her silence about it, her representative has already clarified to TMZ that it is not about her.

Users on social networks have asked that the origin of the video be investigated and the aggressor be punished, although the identity of the victim is unknown to date.

Fans speculated that it was not Zendaya, since the actress was seen this week with a much shorter haircut than the one in the video, in addition to the fact that the person appears wearing rainbow-colored “Crocs” type shoes, while the actress he normally wears sports shoes.

So far, the US authorities have not commented on it either, however, feminist groups have also called on social networks to clarify the case and stop the wave of violence against women.

Here you can see the video, but keep in mind that they are strong images.

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