Video: controversial accusation of Mayer Candelo to fans of Santa Fe and Deportivo Cali | soccer trivia

Soccer is thankless for many, especially when the results condemn work and nullify dreams.

It happened to Mayer Candelo, who came to the technical management of his beloved Deportivo Cali to fulfill a dream, but left the club in a deep sporting and results crisis.

However, few justify the accusation that he launched in a conversation with Win Sports, in which he directly targeted two fans, that of the sugar club and that of Santa Fe, Millnarios’ traditional rival, another of his most beloved teams.

“Santa Fe and Cali are the fans who least support their teams,” said the coach.

Impossible not to ask yourself: is it revenge for the little support you received while in Cali? “I am a relaxed and calm person and I do not hold grudges for anything. The time in Cali was a wonderful lesson that will help me grow more, and learn more because I am new to the subject as a coach, it was my second chance, the first was in Cortuluá,” he said.

“In Cali one finds older players, different talents in a large institution, where the pressure is greater. There is nothing bad, everything is a gain, I left very happy to have had the opportunity to be in this team, the negatives were the results, but I didn’t keep that, I kept what was valuable,” he added.

Candelo left a final reflection for active footballers: “The footballer always complains, we are controversial in some cases. He gives us trips, everything is paid, we have everything and sometimes we take advantage of that, of being talented, of being the figure weather”.

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