Video game incubators and accelerators: how to start in the gaming industry without getting lost in the process?

Starting to create a video game is not an easy task: like most cultural products, the desire is not what is missing, but the way to sustain a production over time. For those independent creators there are the alternatives of the incubators and acceleratorsprograms that can be promoted by companies or state entities to which you can apply to get financial support while reaching the end of a video game.

These terms are not unknown in technology start ups, but there are many questions in the world of creating video game experiences. What is the difference between both initiatives? a style program accelerator It is usually a program accompanied by mentorships from experts and experts to develop an idea whose bases and objectives are already laid out. In this way, the program ensures that the projects “accelerate” the first years of development and manage to avoid -as much as possible- the main problems that development faces.

Meanwhile, a style plan incubator is usually directed at ideas or plans that have not yet started or are in a very early stage of development. These programs are intended to encourage the creation of new studios, guide them in selecting projects, and help them apply to the video game industry.

Both programs usually have a selection process (which is usually geographically restricted), are developed over several months, provide financial support and help promote the first initiatives of the ideas they promote. In exchange, the calls can ask for a percentage of the profits of the final product, participation in the new studies created or another type of collaboration related to the final product developed. In Argentinavarious private and public entities carry out support programs for young entrepreneurs.

Among them are The Rabbit Hole, an initiative that began with the Argentine studio Killabunnies. Their incubation program actively seeks development teams related to Video Games, Digital Art, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, User Experience (UX), Software, Hardware or Digital Services to guide for 6 months until achieving a Minimum Viable Product to present to potential investors. Meanwhile, his acceleration program look for advanced products that need specific capital to expand their project and need commercial support.

also exists IC Cubethe tertiary school incubator Image Campus, which is postulated as a “joint initiative with companies in the sector” with a mentoring course to guide projects. The incubator is mainly dedicated to students who graduated before 2018 or regular students from one of their careers (there is also the possibility of applying for a team if it is made up of at least three students who meet the requirements). Among the disciplines that can apply include Video Games, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Digital Art, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, VFX and Virtual Production.

The Association of Argentine Video Game Developers It also has a program that was conceived in 2016, called “My First Video Game Published”. The initiative guides developer teams through the project creation process and release journey. In addition, the program offers a mentorship for six months in order to consolidate small businesses that manage to stay in the market.

As for state initiatives, there are programs such as Create, which is usually presented in the form of modules with slogans in particular such as “Video Games with a Gender and Diversity Perspective”, “Video Games with Accessibility”, “Video Games for Children”, among others. These calls provide financial scholarships to three of the projects that are selected during their calls.

Lastly, the Ministry of Productive Development opened the call for Program to Promote the Video Game Industryswhich targets companies, universities and Technological Linkage Units in order to help consolidate as an industry hand in hand with loans of up to 6 million pesos.

The incubation and acceleration calls are programs that help consolidate the video game industry and help refresh the catalog of participants in the market. There are also initiatives with an international scope (such as Google’s Indie Games Accelerator and the Gamefounders program), from which it is also possible to apply for teams whose members are located in different countries around the world.


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