VIDEO: Pepe Aguilar embarrasses Ángela Aguilar in an interview with ‘Ventaneando’

american singer Angela Aguilar She has become one of the most beloved Regional Mexican Music performers of the moment, thanks to her harmonious voice and style that have captivated audiences of all ages, who do not hesitate to highlight her talent on social networks.

And it is that after achieving resounding success on his second date of his “Mexicana Enamorada” tour, which was held in Mexico City, The interpreter of “Se disguised” prior to this great event at the CDMX Arena was on a media tour to promote her concert and his most recent material, where he surprised many with some statements.

On this occasion, the influence that his father has on his taste for regional Mexican was clear, in fact, In various interviews it has been possible to see that both are very close, although that does not mean that sometimes Pepe Aguilar can commit certain imprudence that leaves his daughter in check, as happened in an interview that the singer gave to Pati Chapoy.

At first, Angela is seen talking with the show host about how she acquired a taste for music and her first experience on stage, but Suddenly Pepe Aguilar enters the scene and after exchanging a few words with Pati Chapoy, ends up ventilating Angela Aguilar, saying that she was sick to her stomach.

“Here is poor Angela, I know she hasn’t told her, but her stomach is sick,” Pepe Aguilar told in front of the Ventaneando cameras.

Before which, the young singer, trying to hide the sorrow with a tender smile, questioned her father “Why are you saying these things?”to which Pepe Aguilar replied: “Well, because you’re a professional girl who, feeling bad, is doing her job and it’s cool that they know it.”

Apparently, Ángela Aguilar had an upset stomach because she is a sushi lover and possibly something that she ate did not make her feel good, although she assured that she felt fine.

After the air that Pepe Aguilar issued in the middle of the interview, Ángela’s mother took him away, but not before talking a little about her daughter’s eating habits, who only smiled at the embarrassing interventions of her parents.

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