VIDEO: The “carelessness” of Adamari López that caused him to be seen more and that Christian Nodal noticed in the Latin AMAs

The gala of the Latin American Music Awards 2022, better known as Latin AMAs, brought with it various unforeseen events that some fans noticed despite the fact that the organization tried to take care of every detail.

And it is that the red carpet of Las Vegas was full of great personalities as was the case of the Mexican singer Christian Nodal and the Puerto Rican presenter Adamari Lopezz, who arrived together at this important awards gala and were very close, to the extent that Toni Costa’s ex had a flirty oversight that the Aztec did notice.

The host of Telemundo’s morning show, “Hoy Día”, was chosen to lead the award ceremony that recognizes the talent of Latin artistsso she chose some looks with which they caught the attention of fans, attendees and the press, but the one that made an impact was the transparent dress that had rhinestones and a cut on the leg that gave it a sensual touch.

Precisely this elegant piece was the one that played a trick on the also actress, 50 years old, because When she was parading down the red carpet and taking photos with Nodal, who was one of those who happily posed with her, the dress opened up and showed moreHowever, the people who were there assisted her to fix the garment.

For his part, the interpreter of “We are no longer nor will we be”, had already interacted with the protagonist of the telenovela “Amigas y rivales”, because for his Telemundo program he gave her an interview. According to the images they broadcast in the morning, both got along very well.So much so that the regional Mexican interpreter made his debut as a tattoo artist by making a design for the Puerto Rican who gave him the initial of his daughter Alaïa.

The fans of both are very excited, some have highlighted that they would make a beautiful coupleWell, Nodal is single after breaking off his engagement with Belinda, and Adamari is still without a boyfriend after his separation from Toni Costa. However, others support that they have a friendship, since they got along so well.

At the event that took place at the Michelob ULTRA Arena at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Christian Nodal received the award for Extraordinary Evolution from the Latin AMAswhich is given to musical artists whose careers achieve success at an accelerated rate.

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