Viola Davis could star in the next spin-off of “Peacemaker” and “The Suicide Squad”

James Gunn’s “Peacemaker” became the first television series to enter the DC Extended Universe. (HBOMax)

I might Viola Davis be the next big star dc extended universe on tv? The last thing that was seen of the fictional part of him, amanda wallerwas the recruitment of peacemaker (John Cena) for a mission where we saw him join a new team. The series, released through hbo maxsupported the success of the start of productions for the small screen based on comics, and soon, we will see other spinoff focused on more characters.

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A fiction about the high-ranking agent of the US Government in collaboration with more supervillains is in development at the offices of Warner Bros. According to the latest reports in the US press, the Oscar, Emmy and Tony winner is in talks to star and executive produce.

Viola Davis played Amanda Waller in "the suicide squad", directed by James Gunn.  (Warner Bros.)
Viola Davis played Amanda Waller in “The Suicide Squad,” directed by James Gunn. (Warner Bros.)

in the history of the suicide squadWaller is a high-level official and director of ARGUS Thanks to her, the formation of suicide squada team made up of metahumans from a stormy past and accused of terrible crimes who will be used to carry out a covert operation against a terrible threat (and the worst they have faced in their lives as thugs).

the tape of James Gunn it was not the first time Viola Davis in the role of the cold and hermetic Amanda. In fact, his debut in this film franchise dates back to the original idea of ​​David Ayer that it was a complete failure in 2016 and that it did not receive a continuation due to the poor reception obtained from the specialized critics and the audience. Later, she also appeared in the first season of peacemakerwhere we also met her daughter, Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks).

Waller is a high-ranking civil servant, director of ARGUS, and creator of the Suicide Squad team.  (Warner Bros.)
Waller is a high-ranking civil servant, director of ARGUS, and creator of the Suicide Squad team. (Warner Bros.)

The potential project will be written and produced by de Christal Henry, screenwriter of the acclaimed Watchmen, in collaboration with Warner Bros. TV. Although Gunn -creator of this new beginning for the narrative of the DCEU– he will not be involved in the creative scene, he will have a role as an executive producer. Currently, the American filmmaker is working on another derivative production that is connected to this universe, but that will not be as comical as the one that Cena starred in.

peacemaker opened a door to more series of the genre on HBO Max

The title of hbo maxmade by John Cenaaired in mid-January of this year through weekly releases, wowing viewers with every plot twist. James Gunn was the brain behind this plot that mixed action and comedy with the protagonist an antihero not very loved for his despicable actions. Likewise, both Cena and Gunn marked a milestone by being part of the first DCEU television series.

James Gunn's film offered a reboot to this group of villains that did not meet with great success with David Ayer's original idea in 2016. (Warner Bros.)
James Gunn’s film offered a reboot to this group of villains that did not meet with great success with David Ayer’s original idea in 2016. (Warner Bros.)

In the midst of this singular event that was the launch of the episodes of peacemakermore speculation began about other alternatives for the small screen that would be integrated into the platform’s catalog streaming. Two of these will be born from what was seen in batman, directed by Matt Reeves; and two more will be connected again to the suicide squadone will be that of Amanda Waller and the other has not yet confirmed its protagonist.


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