Violence stops soccer in Mexico; the times they have been postponedHalftime

The rescheduling of soccer matches, derived from violent acts, is nothing new in Mexico, and the postponement announced today of the Mazatlán-León games in the MX League and Dorados-Correcaminos in the Expansion League, lengthen this list that began to be written on August 20, 2011, during a duel between Saints and Morelia in the TSM.

Following the violence that took place in Culiacán and other municipalities in the state of Sinaloa, caused by the arrest of Ovid Guzmanson of chapo guzman and noted as one of the leaders of the Sinaloa cartelLiga MX postponed both games of Day 1 of the Closing Tournament 2023without setting a date for its completion.

We do not have to go that far to situate ourselves in a scenario like today’s, since on August 12, 2022 the MX League decided to reschedule the game between FC Juarez Y Pachuca, after several violent events in the border city, which began on the night of Thursday, August 11; this game that would be played on Tuesday the 13th was held a day later.

That same year, but in July, the expansion league suspended the match between roadrunner Y atlantean that would be played in Ciudad Victoria, a town that was the scene of attacks and confrontations by criminal groups.

On October 17, 2019, in the so-called Culiacanazo, where it stopped and hours after Ovidio Guzmán was releasedthe Expansion League canceled the Dorados-Atlanteandue to the acts of violence that, as today, caused several cells at the end of the mouse guzmanas the son of the chapo guzman.

On that occasion, even the doorman Gaspar Serviothen goalkeeper for Dorados, was separated from campusafter making fun of what happened on their social networks.

When were they suspended in Santos vs Morelia for acts of violence?

More than 11 years ago, it had to stop the game between Santos and Morelia in the TSM when minute 39 was running, due to shots outside the stadium. The horror images of the fans and the players went around the world.

That game was the beginning of some changes in the security measures in the stadiums, like the mesh removal between the stands and the field and the installation of ramps that lead directly to the fields, in case of an incident.

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