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The sports community lays down a black ribbon symbolizing mourning, contemplating how pain has invaded badminton. Cause? A tragic incident during a match of this discipline in the city. Indonesiayoung Chinese talent Zhang Zhijie He died suddenly during a competition with the Japanese. Kazuma Kawanowith the score tied at 11-11 in the first set. The subsequent medical report stated that it was sudden cardiac arrest.

While the images were sensitive, the exact moment the player begins to notice pain in his body has gone viral on social media. The video shows how Zhijie he reached for a feather for his opponent before collapsing and convulsing. Despite the efforts of medical personnel at the scene, the victim was taken to a nearby hospital. However, he died a few hours later due to sudden cardiac arrest.

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Indonesian Badminton Association confirmed the tragic news, and Chinese Badminton Federation expressed his deep pain and sent condolences to the family of the recently deceased. Broto Happyrepresentative PBSIexplained that optional teams had to wait for the referee’s permission to take the field, prompting criticism on social media for the perceived delay in helping the young athlete.

A sad episode occurred at a competition held in Indonesia.

Who was Zhang Zhijie

Known for his exceptional ability from a young age, he joined the national youth team China in 2023 and won several notable titles, including the individual championship at the 2024 Dutch Junior International Championships. This Monday, in an emotional gesture, a minute of silence was observed in his memory during the team tournament in which the country of his birth defeated Taiwan. .

Death Zhang shocked the badminton world all over the world with figures such as P. V. Sindhu expressing our deep sadness and solidarity. Badminton World Federation He emphasized his sadness in a statement: “We extend our deepest condolences to his family, his teammates, China Badminton Association and the entire Chinese badminton community.”

Took the same position Indonesian Badminton Associationorganization, which defended the actions of medical personnel and local organizers, saying Zhang “was transported to an available ambulance and rushed to the hospital in less than two minutes.”

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