Vithas Internacional and Vithas Arturo Soria add Dr. Silberberg, an expert in Sports Medicine, to their team


The Vithas Group and Dr. José María Silberberg, accompanied by a multidisciplinary team, have come together to create a Sports Medicine Unit based on a clinical-radiological diagnosis and individualized treatment with a 360-degree care approach.

Dr. Silberberg, who will lead this new unit at the Vithas International Medical Center and the Vithas Madrid Arturo Soria University Hospital, is a renowned traumatologist with extensive experience and extensive medical background in top-level clubs.

A surgeon specializing in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology and a doctor from the University of Navarra, he has worked alongside prestigious specialists in this field of medicine, especially in shoulder and knee units, the group reported in a statement.

The comprehensive orientation of the new Sports Medicine Unit will make it possible to satisfy both the health needs of athletes and those people who are going to start practicing physical exercise. In addition, it includes the approach to sports pathologies not only for adults but also for children, offering treatment and sports guidelines to avoid risks that compromise the development of the little ones.

The manager of the Vithas Madrid Arturo Soria University Hospital and the Vithas International Medical Center, Ignacio Martínez, has expressed his satisfaction with this addition, since it is possible to expand the portfolio of services and bring our patients closer to one of the greatest experts in medicine. sporty”.


For his part, Dr. José María Silberberg has valued this new stage and has indicated that this unit will help all athletes, both amateur and highly competitive, to reach their maximum potential in their respective sports disciplines, without limitation of age or sex.

According to the Sports Habits survey, 57% of Madrid residents practice sports at least once a week. For this reason, the new Sports Medicine Unit at Vithas Madrid Arturo Soria offers a global vision and care, incorporating specialists in biomechanics and nutrition, orthopedic surgery and traumatology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and readaptation, to achieve the maximum performance proposed.

“With this new unit we seek not only to treat sports injuries, but also to advise our patients on the proper practice of sports, depending on their age, physical condition and health”, explained Dr. Silberberg.

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