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It’s the time of the season when flowers bloom and the sun shines a bit brighter. With more bright days on the horizon, Billboard Spanish Selected a variety of songs to lift our spirits and prepare us for longer days of sunshine.


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See latest videos, charts and news

From “Flowers” ​​by Miley Cyrus to Natalia Lafourcade’s “De Todas Las Flores,” these 23 songs honor springtime and reflect a variety of genres from different eras, in English and Spanish, all pastel hued and with a dash of poptimism.

“La Primavera” (2001) by Manu Chao still sounds as refreshing as spring rain even after more than two decades after its release. Then there’s Nirvana’s 1991 “In Bloom,” of their breakthrough never mind, which marked a generation of insouciant rebellion. With Kali Uchis’ recent Billboard 200 chart-topping Red Moon in Venusshe introduces her album with careful orchestration of birds chirping and flower bugs buzzing in the intro track “in My Garden…” which is followed by the languorous “I Wish you Roses.”

With Café Tacvba’s seminal “Las Flores” from their 1994 album Re, the mercurial four-piece band introduced a jubilant song filled with invigorating jaranas and an irresistible rhythm that induces smiles every time it plays. Last year’s Natalia Lafourcade “De Todas Las Flores” sees her continue her exploration of Mexican roots in an elegant and sweet way, boasting acoustic guitar strums over a subtle dream-pop backdrop. And of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without Selena’s Tejano classic “Como La Flor,” Miley Cyrus’ groundbreaking pop kiss-off “Flowers” ​​and the Billboard No. 1 feel-good song “Mañana Será Bonito” by Karol G .

And, of course, the list would not be complete without the Tejano classic “Como La Flor” by Selena y Los Dinos, and “Dónde Estará Mi Primavera” by Ario de Rosales native Marco Antonio Solís.

Listen to the playlist below:

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