Wanders Lover reveals that he ended up with Rádames de Jesús

the comedian Wanders Lover publicly announced that he broke up with his partner Radames of Jesus, due to some differences regarding age and the things they like to do, since due to the age difference it has been difficult for him to get along on outings or take care of the girls.

In an interview for the program ‘De Primera Mano’, the comedian confessed that although they have already finished and each one is looking for a new relationship for their part, both get along very well, so much so that sometimes they enjoy carnal pleasure together; Besides that they both care for and take responsibility for the girls they have.

According to the famous Wanders lovershe and Radamés live in a separate house in Cuernavaca, although they are close neighbors and visit each other frequentlyas Radamés takes care of the Wanders girls and takes care of them when the comedian goes out.

Wanders Lover and Rádames de Jesús have an open relationship

“I live with my daughters and Radamés in their house, more in advance. Right now we are looking for a partner, he on his side and I on mine, we return, but once again we are separated. What happens is that he is already very old, Radamés is 13 years older than me, so I want to continue dating and he wants to stay taking care of the girlsthen he tells me ‘I take care of the girls, you salt’”, commented Wanders Lover.

Likewise, the famous revealed that on this occasion, ended on very good terms so it was not necessary to bring any legal dispute, as in the past, because she remembered when she and Radamés had a strong fight that ended in blows, and she had to file a lawsuit for violence, which she won.

“This time there is no demand or anything, everything is super good. Nothing bad happened anymore, in fact he took it badly, because yes, I raised my voice and said it, but everyone thought he had a whole life like this and no”, said.

“It was only once and that’s why I made it big and raised my voice and sued him, He took the whole process and I took money from him and everything, it’s not that I was left without doing anything “, added the comedian.

Furthermore, when questioned about whether Radamés had changed and completely stopped consuming alcohol, Wanders revealed that he considers that he does changed for love of himself and his daughters, since since that incident, he has not drank again, added to the fact that one of the terms for him to see the girls is that he stop drinking.

“That was one of the conditions for us to return and it was signed and I really congratulate him very much because he has endured and is going very well.. Radames with me was never violent, the relationship with Radamés was wonderful, it was not violence after violence, it was a single occasion that he was drunk and we made words and then hits, but I I think with love for him and our daughters, if he changed”, concluded Wanders Lover.

Wanders Lover and Rádames de Jesús have an open relationship

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