Was Vin Diesel’s world too fast and furious for Dwayne Johnson?

NSYou can stop The Rock. Dwayne Johnson may have entered the Fast & Furious franchise ten years ago in 2011 five fast It seemed like an unstoppable force, but it seemed that it had finally come to a firm objection.

Johnson is out and this week has been working hard to promote Disney’s latest entertainment film jungle trip, when asked first The Hollywood reporter For his reaction to something his former sparring partner Vin Diesel told him Men’s health again in June. In that interview, Diesel heavily noted that the well-publicized feud between the two men was actually a cunning ploy on his part to invoke Johnson’s most compelling performance as Special Agent Luke Hobbs.

“He was a difficult character to play Hobbes,” said Diesel. “I can give a lot of hard love. Not a Fellini, but I would do whatever I had to do to get a performance in whatever I produced ”.

It is no surprise to hear Diesel speak in these terms. The parallels between Fast & Furiouscanon and Federico Fellini’s revelation work are many, of course, and it is obvious to mention them. Who can watch the death-defying rope bridge stunt that opened this year? F9 And don’t think about the shape that floats on the shore at first 8½, Just stuck to the ground with a rope around the ankle? It’s amazing that they didn’t just split the teams by calling it ‘F8 call’..

Whether or not Johnson is a fan of classic Italian cinema, he is definitely not a fan of Finn. He reportedly said that after reading the line “Tough Love” to Diesel: “I laughed and I laughed so much. I think everyone laughed at this. I leave things to this. I wish him well. I wish him well ”. fast 9. I wish them all the best fast 10 And fast 11 And it will be the rest of the Fast & Furious films that they will make without me ”.

The best moment of the interview comes right after that bombshell, when Johnson’s classmate jungle trip Pilot Emily Blunt knocks on Diesel: “Only thank God he was there”, Johnson replied simply: “Velenesc”. I think we all know exactly what tone he said in it.

There has always been a feeling that “this town isn’t big enough for both of us” about Johnson’s relationship with Diesel. There was his infamous reference to his fellows as “candy asses” before it was widely reported that the couple hadn’t filmed any scenes together in 2017. The fate of the angry. A combination of clever editing and a series of betrayals was introduced to ensure men shared a billboard even when they weren’t ready to share a room. In 2019, Johnson got his diesel-free offer, Fast and Furious Shows: Hobbs and Shaw, But if his final notes are to be taken literally, he’s now reached the point where he’s decided to completely ditch the franchise (and the trucks full of the money he makes from it).

While Johnson is undoubtedly a huge and internationally bankable star, it’s hard to imagine the producers of Fast & Furious (one of which is Diesel) losing so much sleep due to his passing. After nine fast-paced films shot with chronology, physics, and plausibility, losing just one of the sea of ​​characters doesn’t entirely limit their narrative. Given that director Justin Lin has only one sequel left to finish the whole complex saga, he’d probably be happy to have one less thread to tie him up, let alone a happier protagonist.

Single franchise: The Rock in ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ spin-off film, in which Diesel did not appear


For Johnson himself, it’s not like he needs to work. Even after returning from his country بلد jungle trip He still has an action movie red noticeAnd his DC superhero franchise kicks off in just over a year Black Adam. He is also set to begin work on the award-winning biopic King Kamehameha, founder of the Kingdom of Hawaii, a slightly less award-winning sequel to his disastrous 2015 film. San Andreas, And the release of a new edition of “This is not a remake” Big problem in little China. With a schedule like this, who has time to race muscle cars?

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If Johnson finds himself in a gap in his schedule, it won’t last long. only this week, Space Jam: a new legacy Director Malcolm De Lee in an interview with Weekly entertainment He raised the idea that Johnson could only be a mountain man to lead the third party. “Dwayne Johnson would be an interesting choice,” he told me. “It would be different. I’m not entirely sure what his skill set is, maybe he’ll go back to wrestling ”. Or maybe The Rock finally begins to quarrel with its oldest natural enemies, paper and scissors? The possibilities are truly endless.

Whatever happens, fast and furious filmmakers can breathe a deep sigh of relief that they will never again have to try to find a shot wide enough to include Johnson, Diesel, and both. They say divorce is never easy, but sometimes it makes more sense than being together for the spins.

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